Surround prospects with customer stories

B2B buyers trust the opinions of their peers more than anything else to help them select technology vendors. Influitive helps marketers build a large community of zealous advocates ready to share their positive experiences with your prospects at the drop of a hat—both online and in person.

<strong>Lindsey Erlick</strong>, Senior Manager, Student Advocacy & Marketing, <strong>Pearson</strong>
“Putting our advocates first has helped us completely transform how others see our brand. Advocates have spread their love for us by creating 400+ blogs and 30+ video testimonials for us!”Lindsey Erlick, Senior Manager, Student Advocacy & Marketing, Pearson

Build an engaged customer community

Foster meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers, and give them a place to network with each other.


Create customer stories faster

Quickly and easily uncover more case studies, testimonials, and success stories to share with prospects.


Increase customer sharing

Boost organic word-of-mouth on the channels buyers are using to research your solution, like social media and third party review sites.


Turn passive customers into an engaged customer community

Truly engaging your customers throughout their lifecycle requires more than just a support forum and monthly newsletter.

Influitive’s engagement platform makes it scalable to create engaging, interactive experiences for your advocates. Easily motivate advocates to share best practices with each other (in public discussions or via private messaging), complete educational activities that help them master new skills, read the latest product news, and give you feedback on your product and marketing strategy.

With Influitive, marketing teams have a concrete way to improve the customer experience and build long-term relationships with customers that lead to genuine advocacy.

Turn passive customers into an engaged customer community
<strong>Francesca Krihely</strong>, Senior Manager, Developer Marketing,<strong> MongoDB</strong>
“Our advocates wrote over 120 blogs in the first year of the program. By telling their stories, our advocates could help us build trust among other developers.”Francesca Krihely, Senior Manager, Developer Marketing, MongoDB

Create customer stories faster

Burning out the same handful of customers every time you need a testimonial or case study?

Influitive makes it easy to uncover success stories and inspire customers to create tons of user-generated content, like testimonials, blog posts, and even eBooks—all while keeping customers happy to advocate again and again.

Quickly build trust with prospects by sourcing persona- or industry-specific advocate content—without having to go through your CSMs or account managers. Zero in on the right advocates to help with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, your next webinar, or product launch—Never worry about not having enough customer collateral for prospects again.

Create customer stories faster
<strong>Sonia Chavez</strong>, Advocate Marketing Manager, <strong>Cisco</strong>
“When advocates share our content with their social circles, they help us raise awareness, extend our reach, and generate leads. In the past year, 6,500+ social media shares resulted in 52,000+ clicks to Learning@Cisco (a division of Cisco) content.”Sonia Chavez, Advocate Marketing Manager, Cisco

Increase customer sharing online and in person

Don’t leave it to chance what’s being said about your brand.

Influitive motivates your advocates to talk about your solutions on social networks, third party websites, and at live events. Inspire them to share your latest content on social media, write an online review about your product, speak about your company at conferences or user groups, or defend your brand on blogs or other online communities (especially where it isn’t appropriate for your company to do so directly).

Using AdvocateHub, marketers have a way to track and influence the organic word-of-mouth that is already happening where their buyers hang out.

Increase customer sharing online and in person
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