Surround your prospects with your customer advocates

B2B buyers trust the opinions of their peers more than anything else to help them select technology vendors. Influitive helps marketers build a large community of zealous advocates ready to share their positive experiences with your prospects at the drop of a hat—both online and in person.

Build long-term relationships with an engaged community

Foster meaningful, long-term relationships with your prospects and customers by providing a space where they can share best practices, complete educational activities, learn about product updates and industry trends, provide feedback on strategies, and network with each other.

Create customer stories faster

Influitive makes it easy to build trust with prospects by sourcing persona or industry-specific advocate content—without having to go through your CSMs or account managers. Zero in on the right advocates to help with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, your next webinar, or product launch.

Increase customer sharing

Influitive motivates your advocates to talk about your solutions on social networks, third-party websites, and at live events. Inspire them to share your latest content on social media, write an online review about your product, or speak about your company at conferences and user groups. Using Influitive, marketers have a way to track and influence the organic word-of-mouth that’s already happening where their buyers hang out.

“When advocates share our content with their social circles, they help us raise awareness, extend our reach, and generate leads. In the past year, 6,500+ social media shares resulted in 52,000+ clicks to [email protected] (a division of Cisco) content.”

Sonia Chavez,
Advocate Marketing Manager, Cisco

See Influitive in action

Watch a two-minute product overview and learn how Influitive’s advocate community platform has been designed to become the perfect home for your advocate marketing program.