Growth & Innovation

Grow your business by tapping into the power of advocacy

Opening the dialogue between customers and employees helps deliver value to both your customers and business. It leads to more meaningful conversations that can fuel innovation, create better customer experiences, and provide your company with an unprecedented level of insight into how customers view your product or service. It can even open the door to numerous unexplored up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Tap into customer insights to fuel innovation

Rapidly source customer feedback and use these insights to improve your product and service offerings. Improve product launches, strengthen beta programs, and develop trust amongst your customers in an open, transparent platform that fosters loyalty.

Uncover account growth opportunities to up-sell customers

Identify your happiest users so your team better understands who’s ready for an up-sell. Then, introduce them to products or services through targeted educational experiences.

Identify and progress cross-sell opportunities

Leverage your customers to help with cross-selling opportunities across departments. Drive internal referral requests and leverage advocates as references to accelerate the deal cycle.

ADP harnessed the power of their customers to fuel growth across every area of their business.

hours of administrative work saved

pieces of product feedback collected

webinar registration


higher NPS for advocates

Grow your business through your advocates

Through a unique mix of personalization and gamification, Influitive’s advocate community platform inspires action—whether you need members to make internal referral requests, or share insights that help drive product innovation.