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Creating a Customer-Powered Enterprise that leverages customer advocates to drive departmental business objectives may sound too good to be true. But Influitive’s engagement platform will enable you to create and deliver personalized experiences that engage your customers and let you discover, nurture, and mobilize your advocates at scale.

Our solutions help marketers surround prospects with customer stories, reduce customer success burden, while enhancing the customer experience, and enable product teams to rapidly source customer feedback.


AdvocateHub empowers companies to engage their customers, prospects, developers, employees, and partners at scale. Through a unique mix of personalization and game design, AdvocateHub inspires action, whether you need community members to take the next step in the customer journey, join the customer reference pool, or share a new online review.

Advocating for your brand becomes a rewarding experience for customers, and in the process, your team builds deeper relationships that improve conversion rates and increase revenue.


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<strong>Farkhanda Zhublawar</strong>, Director of Enterprise Customer Success, <strong>Apttus</strong>
"AdvocateHub is a powerful solution to mobilize brand advocates to champion your solutions in the market, create brand buzz and seamlessly engage them in your community."Farkhanda Zhublawar, Director of Enterprise Customer Success, Apttus


The key to turning users into brand advocates is capturing their delight when and where it happens.

AdvocateAnywhere, an embeddable advocacy solution lets you engage your advocates on any digital property and application you own—without disrupting their experience.

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<strong>Sam Brennand</strong>, VP of Partnerships, <strong>Uberflip</strong>
AdvocateAnywhere makes it easy for our customers to perform valuable acts of advocacy while they're most engaged with our brand. It's a powerful tool that makes advocacy an embedded part of our customer experience.Sam Brennand, VP of Partnerships, Uberflip


Advocate Powered Events Software. We love year-round customer communities and advocate programs, but events offer a unique opportunity to increase engagement and build relationships. EventHub offers access to a customized AdvocateHub around your event and includes tailored professional services for expert execution.

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