Rapidly source customer feedback

Skip the the time-consuming 1:1 outreach, oft-ignored email surveys, and expensive focus groups when you need customer insights. Influitive gives companies a system for collecting meaningful feedback from a large group of customers, so your team can improve products and inspire customers to adopt new features faster.

<strong>Kate Cohen</strong>, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, <strong>Carbon Black</strong>
“Influitive has allowed us to quickly get customers with different industries, backgrounds, and experience levels with our product involved in the creation of our solutions. Our R&D team feels more confident with customer feedback fueling their decisions.”Kate Cohen, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Carbon Black

Easily collect more customer feedback

Make it an engaging, easy, and rewarding process for customers to consistently give you their opinions on your product offerings.


Accelerate product iteration

Speed up the process of sourcing product feedback to guide your product development process.


Strengthen product launches

Successfully release products using the market insights only your customers can provide.


Collect more customer feedback with less effort

Stop relying on a small pool of “go-to” customers to influence your product direction.

Influitive helps you quickly collect a variety of insights from a broad group of actively engaged customers, and instantly recognize them for sharing their opinions so they’re motivated to do so again and again. Send timely polls, surveys, or open-ended questions to your entire advocate community—or target users of certain product lines or industries. Get meaningful customer insights throughout the product development lifecycle—in a matter of just a few hours, rather than in weeks or months.

Quickly surface more customer insights whenever you need them with Influitive.

Collect more customer feedback with less effort
<strong>Kim Ellis</strong>, Director, Customer Connect, <strong>BMC Software</strong>
“My CMO will call me up and say, ‘Kim, I need to test the messaging on whatever solution we’re about to work on.’ Within a day, I can get him feedback directly from customers.”Kim Ellis, Director, Customer Connect, BMC Software

Accelerate the product iteration process

Don’t let sourcing customer feedback slow down the product development process.

Whether in formal beta programs or through more casual inquiries, Influitive helps you quickly collect customer feedback, so your team can build the best products—plus get customers excited to adopt new solutions before they’re formally released. Quickly source specific beta testers based on product usage or industry, then track their progress, and quickly share real-time feedback internally so you can iterate on products with less effort.

With Influitive, your team can finally have a closer relationship with the customers they build products for.

Accelerate the product iteration process
<strong>Carlos Gonzalez</strong>, Vice President, Customer Success Operations, <strong>Ceridian</strong>
“Our advocates’ feedback shortens our engineering and quality assurance cycles. It also cuts down the length of our sales cycles, as we’re making products that better meet the needs of our targeted verticals.”Carlos Gonzalez, Vice President, Customer Success Operations, Ceridian

Improve product launches with advocates

Never launch a product without the support of your customers again.

Influitive allows companies to build stronger relationships with their customers by giving them them sneak peeks at new products, and greater influence on go-to-market plans. Use engaging campaigns to collect customers’ feedback on pricing, naming, packaging, and messaging. The added bonus is that giving this input makes them even more excited to adopt and promote your newest products when they’re released.

Use Influitive to launch products into the market with the excitement and validation of your customer base.

Improve product launches with advocates
<strong>Kourtney Burrows</strong>, Customer Marketing Manager, <strong>Genesys</strong>
"We recently asked our advocates to help us rename a product. Asking for their feedback shows them that we care about their opinions, and will act on it. They’re also helping us make better decisions, knowing what truly resonates with our customers."Kourtney Burrows, Customer Marketing Manager, Genesys
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