Grow your sales pipeline with a steady flow of referrals

Looking to generate more high-quality leads? Your happy customers are your best salespeople. Their warm introductions they share with you convert better, close faster and have a higher lifetime value than leads from other sources. All you have to do is ask.

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<strong>Brittany Liu</strong>, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer and Advocacy, <strong>HireRight</strong>
"Influitive is simply an amazing platform to help drive customer retention, referrals, reviews, and references. ROI was hit from day one - we were amazed at what our customers were sharing with us."Brittany Liu, Senior Marketing Manager, Customer and Advocacy, HireRight

Referral programs generate better leads

Only one quarter of B2B companies have a formal referral program in place. Those that do generate more high-quality referral leads, have more effective sales processes and pipeline, and are 3X more likely to meet or exceed their revenue goals.

Referral programs generate better leads
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Customized referral workflows

Create custom fields and tracking milestones

It’s your business. Why should you have to shoehorn your referral workflow into someone else’s process? Influitive Referrals makes it easy to customize your form fields, ensuring you’re collecting the information that matters most to your sales team. Only need to know first name and email address? Done. Want to know their industry, job title and company name? It’s all up to you.

Influitive also allows you to customize your tracking milestones so your advocates know exactly where their referrals stand in the sales process. No more black holes! You can reward advocates for giving you a name or once the deal has closed, or at any point in between. You have total control over your referral experience.

Customized referral workflows

Referrals come in all shapes and sizes

There’s more than one way to refer
When someone wants to refer your business to a friend or colleague, the best thing you can do is get out of the way.

With Influitive, referrals can be collected directly from a referrer or crowd-sourced via a link on social media, requested inside an advocate community, on a public page and more.

Influitive even enables you to track eCommerce referrals, so you can track the value advocates bring directly to your business.

Referrals come in all shapes and sizes
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Close the loop

Feedback matters
You’ve built strong relationships with your customers. So much so, that they want to give you a referral. But don’t leave them wondering what happened when they finally introduce you to their network. The key to a successful referral program is closing the loop. Rewarding and notifying advocates for their referrals. Influitive has built a feedback loop that allows your advocates to see the status of their referrals at any time. And you can reward them as their referral makes its way through your sales process.

Close the loop

It's no game...

…but gamification is a powerful motivator
Everyone loves a little friendly competition. In addition to incentives and tracking, Influitive allows you to add a bit of competitiveness to referral collection. Post a leaderboard or a status bar and watch as your advocates compete against each other to win the competition and fill your sales pipeline. (Coming soon!)

It's no game...
<strong>Lindsay Winters</strong>, Customer Marketing Manager, <strong>‎Verafin</strong>
"Influitive is an ingenious way of tapping into your strongest supporters to help drive your business through referrals."Lindsay Winters, Customer Marketing Manager, ‎Verafin
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