Staples has been running their customer community, The InsidersNetwork, for over 3 years now. They’ve seen exceptional growth and engagement within the community, but have recently been challenged with scaling the program to deepen customer relationships.

In this Advochat webinar, we interviewed the admin behind the scenes of the 2018 BAMMIE Program of the Year, Amanda Salem (Manager of Customer Advocacy at Staples). Amanda shared her strategies for building and scaling a close-knit community that deepens advocate connections and engages customers. Amanda chatted with Influitive’s in-house advocacy expert, Victoria LaPlate (Head of Customer Advocacy & Demand Generation), and answered audience questions including:

  • What are your tips for securing internal buy-in within Staples?
  • You’ve seen referrals increase by 163% this year, how did you achieve this?
  • What advice would you give to a new advocate marketer?

Check out the full conversation below!

Notable Moments

01:40 – Getting started with customer advocacy
05:26 – Advice for newcomers
8:30 – Increasing referrals 163% in one year
13:00 – Program features that add the most value
20:42 – Rewards and engagement
24:26 – Starting the hub, looking beyond advocates
31:08 – Success metrics
41:25 – Campaign planning



Amanda Salem, Manager of Customer Advocacy at ADP
Victoria LaPlante, Former Head of Advocate Marketing & Demand Generation at Influitive


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