Ray Lau is the Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager at PowerDMS and winner of the 2018 BAMMIE ROI Impact award. He explains how he has empowered a community of power users to provide product feedback, beta test new features, write product reviews, and ultimately guide the PowerDMS product team.

You’ll also learn how Influitive’s Former Director of Product Marketing Frank Del Pinto leverages advocate feedback (like Ray’s) in Influitive’s own product marketing strategy.

Ray was able to collect 2,763 feedback responses and 229 online product reviews within his first year of running PowerDMS’s AdvocateHub.

In the latest Advochat webinar series, Ray and Frank shared their experience running these kinds of programs, and answered audience questions including:

  • How did you incentivize customers to leave product reviews?
  • What sort of value do you attribute to product reviews in terms of proving ROI?
  • How do you control for negative vs. positive feedback about your product?

Check out the full conversation below!

Notable Moments:
06:10 – The beginnings of things
08:13 – Collecting 3,000 pieces of product feedback in one year
13:24 – Prioritizing and actioning feedback
19:09 – Running a beta test group
22:08- Collaboration: advocate marketing & product teams
24:36 – Generating product reviews, targeting peer review sites
41:30 – Referrals & Salesforce integration


Ray Lau, Advocacy Marketing Manager, PowerDMS
Frank Del Pinto, Former Director of Product Marketing, Influitive