Advocacy for Cybersecurity - Meta 2


Why do 20 of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies use Influitive to power their customer advocacy and engagement programs and what makes them so successful?

Our cybersecurity toolkit gives you the resources you need to kickstart your customer advocacy strategy and insight into how an advocate community can help you scale your efforts to drive more referrals, online reviews, references, engagement and more.

The toolkit includes:

  • How AttackIQ Built a Thriving Customer Advocacy and Community Program– Julie O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at AttackIQ, and Jeni Opel, Senior Marketing Manager, share how they are using their Informed Defenders customer advocacy and community program to drive growth.
  • 15 Award-Winning Customer Advocacy Success Stories (eBook) – Discover how customer advocacy leaders like Cisco, AttackIQ, and ADP fuel business growth through the power of their advocates.
  • How Commvault Built a Successful Customer Advocate Community From the Get-Go (Blog) – Learn how Commvault manages their thriving advocate community while exceeding their recruitment goal by 152%.
  • From Transactional References to True Advocacy: How VMware Engages Customers (Customer Story) – Read on to learn how VMware leverages their customer advocacy program to fulfill reference requests in under 72 hours.