Advocate marketing has wide-reaching benefits beyond the marketing department.

In fact, one of the most effective ways to boost your advocacy efforts is to join forces with your Customer Success (CS) team in order to holistically improve the customer experience. By teaming up, you can target your advocates with the right messages at the right times in their journey to increase engagement and success.

Watch this webinar to hear from Howard Tarnoff (Founder & Managing Director of Customer Success LLC) and Carlos Gonzalez (Vice President of Customer Success Operations at Ceridian) as they reveal the real-life workflows and tactics they’ve used to align CS and marketing—and effectively nurture meaningful customer relationships at scale.

Howard and Carlos will provide cross-functional strategies to help you:

  • Improve CSAT and NPS
  • Close deals faster and drive up margins
  • Reduce burdens on Support through a thriving community
  • Reduce time-to-value and increase “stickiness”
  • Mobilize successful customers to advocate publicly for your company 

Watch the full webinar below!

Create Moments That Matter with a Marketing/CS partnership
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