How Influitive’s AdvocateHub helps Marketo scale their customer marketing efforts and maintain near-perfect retention rates among their advocates

In the 10 years since Marketo was founded, it has become a marketing automation leader. Unfortunately, in that same time, the category has become a crowded place. Today, there are at least 161 marketing automation companies. Competition is fierce. While no marketer would say it’s “easy” to switch vendors, 38% of marketing automation users still admit they are actively considering changing their system in the coming year.

That uncertainty means Marketo has the opportunity to acquire new accounts from competitors—and the very real risk that they could lose their customers to others, too.

“Success in marketing no longer means filling the funnel,” says Karen Steele, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Marketo. “The most effective marketers today invest in engagement marketing: building a virtuous circle of customer acquisition, increasing lifetime value and empowering advocates to influence prospects.”

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• 95% retention rate of customer in their advocate program
• Engage with 24x more advocates after launching with Influitive
• Generate 538 new customer product reviews in the first year
• The secrets and lessons learned from running a successful customer advocate program
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