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The Silent Killer In Your Sales Pipeline

Despite all the content marketing, nurturing and social selling you do, one thing hasn’t changed: your buyers are still afraid of making the wrong choice. In fact, they’re more afraid than ever before because they’ve never had more options. They’re terrified because their next promotion, their job and, more importantly, their reputation are all on the line.

Every time their fear is substantiated by a negative review or a bad recommendation from a peer, it kills your pipeline. When they don’t hear about your brand through positive word-of-mouth, it kills your pipeline. And it’s all happening without you knowing it—one deal at a time.

Stop the silent killer in your pipeline: fear
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You can’t alleviate that fear on your own. You need help from your advocates — your buyers’ trusted peers. If your company doesn’t have an advocate marketing strategy in place, it’s only going to become more difficult for you to achieve your revenue targets.

How advocacy helps fight the silent killer in your sales pipeline:

  • Advocacy fills your pipeline with warm referral leads
  • Advocacy closes deals faster than references alone
  • Advocacy improves your online reputation