Our Guest Speaker:

Chris Schembra
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Founder

Ari Hoffman
VP, Customer Marketing and Advocacy


Session Overview

Join us for a special webinar that will go beyond the usual tactics and strategies of customer marketing, and explore the power of empathy, gratitude, and human connection in building strong customer relationships. 

Through research-backed insights, real-life examples, and practical tips, we’ll cover: 

  • The importance of being present and connecting with your customers on a deeper level
  • How investing in your team’s well-being and engagement translates into exceptional customer care
  • The power of emotional connections and how they drive customer loyalty, referrals, and premium brand perception
  • Communicating gratitude in a way that resonates with your customers, creating stronger bonds and lasting impressions
  • The transformative effect of connecting your customers, fostering a sense of belonging, and building a network of advocates

By shifting the spotlight onto your team, your customers, and yourself, you’ll discover the immense value that lies in building genuine connections and fostering a customer-centric mindset.