Influitive Reference Management App for Salesforce AppExchange

Request references in Salesforce, fulfill them in Influitive, and incentivize your top referenceable customers

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Enjoy a Customized and Seamless Request Process

Improve the reference process by embedding where sellers are spending most of their workday – Salesforce. Sales rep can make a request in a few easy steps leveraging key demographic, firmographic and psychographic data collected inside your Influitive program.

Automated Reference Scoring for Optimal Matches

Our system automatically scores and ranks potential references based on key match criteria, enabling your sales team to swiftly identify the most suitable references for specific opportunities. Additionally, Program Managers can anonymize reference data, thereby maintaining contact confidentiality.

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Get Internal Approvals Faster

Get approval from account managers and customer success managers before contacting a reference. Our automated email workflows—powered by Salesforce’s native functionalities—ensure all parties remain informed while streamlining approvals into a 1-click process.

Quantifiable Impact: Measure Your Reference Program’s ROI

Attribute revenue and measure the ROI of the program directly in Salesforce. This dashboard offers key performance indicators such as the number of references received, the incremental impact of references on your win rates, and the total pipeline revenue influenced by your reference program.

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