Professional Services

Effectively Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

With Influitive’s Professional Services team, you can work directly with the experts who have helped launch, build, manage, and grow hundreds of successful advocate communities and customer engagement programs.

Launch Services

We offer a range of one-on-one consulting, training and creative services to help you launch your Influitive hub and excel from day one.

Event Services

Supercharge your engagement efforts and mobilize your advocates to unlock the full potential of your events with our event services.

Managed Services

Leverage our experts to have a consultant assist you in hitting all of your customer engagement and advocacy goals through your community.

Hub Services

Naturally, we’re experts of using hubs for programs. Head here to learn how we can help operations, reboot or create campaigns, even graphic design.

Data Services

More than ever, solid data is imperative to measuring business success. Take advantage of our powerful reporting options and custom dashboards.

Upshot Customer Stories

Upshot stories increase brand awareness and drive qualified leads.  We help you leverage word-of-mouth marketing at scale through case studies.

Looking to level up your skills and knowledge in advocate marketing?

Check out the Influitive Institute and learn what we have to offer to get you or your team certified as industry experts.

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