TORONTO — Feb. 6th, 2018

Today, buyers are constantly bombarded with demands on their attention. They contend with news feeds and apps clogged with ads, mobile phones hit with robocalls, and email inboxes and social channels filled with sales pitches. It’s no wonder that engaging prospective customers—and earning share of wallet from current ones—is so difficult for companies.

A new generation of marketers are succeeding by eschewing the impersonal, machine-based approaches to winning new business. They systematically surround buyers with the transparency and authenticity they crave through messages that come from a trusted source: other customers.

This new movement is called advocate marketing, and it’s the subject of The Messenger Is The Message, the most comprehensive guide to using the voice of enthusiastic advocates for fueling business growth.

Written by Mark Organ (founding CEO of both Eloqua and Influitive), and co-authored by Deena Zenyk (Influitive’s Director for the Centre of Excellence), The Messenger Is The Message has become a best seller in the Marketing category on and within its first month of release.

“Having real advocates speak about your company—in their own words, and on their own channels—carries more weight with prospective customers than all of a company’s self-produced digital marketing efforts combined,” says Organ. “Companies who prioritize and systematize how they mobilize their advocates are the ones that will grow quickly, efficiently and sustainably.”

The Messenger Is The Message provides companies with a blueprint for building a community of advocates, including the top factors that influence authentic advocacy. The book also has real-life success stories of some of the most innovative businesses in the world—from startups to global multi-nationals—who have harnessed the power of advocates.

“We engaged a worldwide community of thousands of advocate marketers to contribute their ideas, stories and best practices to the book,” says Zenyk. “At each stage of the writing process, we collaborated with the true pioneers in the space. The result is a book crowdsourced by advocates, for advocates.”

Early reviews for The Messenger Is The Message have praised its bold stance and comprehensiveness:

“The best marketing is also customer-driven word of mouth. The Messenger Is The Message is the best guide I know of to this incredibly important business strategy.”

—Cameron Herold, Founder of COO Alliance and Author of Meetings Suck

“I snapped it up right away and consumed it…and I already believe firmly in the power of advocate marketing.”

Don Peppers, Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

“The Messenger Is The Message is a quick, easy, but intellectually satisfying read that will have you going back to the ideas time after time. A real paradigm shift in thinking.”

—Matt Wyndowe, Head of Product Partnerships at Uber Technologies

“From the first chapter on, it was clear that Mark Organ has captured the visceral change that is happening throughout the industry…This book provides great practical, modern examples, such as OnePlus and MongoDB, that have managed to gather fervent advocates who shout from the rooftops about these brands.”

—Jason Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of TransactionTree

“[Mark] skillfully combines discussion of technology with best practices from real-life case studies, examining businesses at the leading edge of transformation.The Messenger Is The Message is full of actionable insight drawn from decades of experience, and it’s an invaluable guide to customer advocate marketing.”

—Ted Malley, Chief Customer Officer at Ceridian

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About the authors — Mark Organ is a pioneer in the field of B2B marketing, having founded Eloqua, the world leader in marketing automation software, which was acquired by Oracle in 2012 for $871M. Today, he heads Influitive, the world’s first platform dedicated to scaling B2B customer advocacy.

Deena Zenyk is a world-leading advocate marketing expert, with more than 12 years of experience in the space. She has helped many of the world’s largest companies—including Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, and VMWare—to launch successful advocate marketing programs.

About Influitive — Influitive is driving the shift from company-centric marketing to advocate marketing. Its advocacy platform, AdvocateHub, and team of experts help the world’s most successful businesses discover, nurture, and mobilize their greatest marketing asset: their customer advocates. To learn how Influitive makes accelerating sales revenue and increasing customer lifetime value easier and more predictable, visit