Fans can evangelize on the go with the industry’s first mobile app for B2B advocacy; Customers share their delight from within any cloud app or web page

Toronto – June 25, 2013 – Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, announced today its Summer 2013 Product Release that includes exciting new capabilities and features that make it easier for B2B marketers to capture and promote the enthusiasm of their customers, fans and evangelists. Two new offerings – Maven by Influitive, the first mobile app for B2B advocacy, and AdvocateAnywhere, which lets marketers embed “calls to advocacy” in cloud apps and web pages – headline Influitive’s release. With these offerings, Influitive continues to innovate on its groundbreaking approach to advocate marketing by offering an unparalleled experience for advocates, and more powerful and flexible ways for B2B marketers to tap into their customers’ passion.

“This release is all about bringing the power of advocate marketing to a much wider range of businesses that want to mobilize their fans and supporters and capture their enthusiasm,” said Mark Organ, co-founder and CEO, Influitive. “Now marketers can truly reach their advocates anywhere – with any kind of request. It’s part of our strategy to build products with an ambitious footprint, while still staying true to our niche.”

Many B2B marketers share this enthusiasm. “Influitive gives DocuSign a powerful way to gather advocates in one place and tap into customer passion,” said Meagen Eisenberg, Vice President of Demand Generation at DocuSign. “We are 100% focused on creating an awesome user experience in our product and that’s where we want to cultivate and mobilize customer advocates. AdvocateAnywhere will get us there – especially now with the ability to capture customer enthusiasm when visiting our website or cloud app.”

Studies show that peer recommendations are the primary factor in up to 50% of all B2B purchasing decisions. Influitive helps B2B marketers take advantage of this shift by mobilizing their advocates and fans to share their experiences across the social web through references, referrals, success stories and product reviews. This approach, called advocate marketing, involves tools and best practices that are proven to improve brand recognition, website traffic, search rankings, lead generation and sales conversion.

Influitive’s Summer 2013 Product Release is the most comprehensive update since its flagship product was first launched in August 2012 and includes the following major product introductions. For more details, please visit

Tap into advocates’ enthusiasm anywhere with AdvocateAnywhere
With AdvocateAnywhere, B2B marketers can more easily discover and engage with advocates by asking for help or feedback through embedded widgets or ‘challenges’ that can be placed in cloud applications, web pages, landing pages, communities or blogs. For example, marketers can use AdvocateAnywhere to collect Net Promoter Scores, solicit referrals, or ask customers to review products.

Take advocate marketing on the go with Maven by Influitive
Maven by Influitive is the first mobile app that lets advocates promote the companies and products they love from anywhere. Maven also gives advocates a real time Impact Score that measures the effectiveness for everyday acts of advocacy like product reviews, referrals, reference calls and testimonials.

Measure the business impact of your advocate marketing program
Influitive gives B2B marketers insight into their advocate marketing efforts and impact with new reporting and analysis tools. It’s easy to track advocates, activities, segments and incentives with intuitive reports and visual dashboards, then drill into the details.

When an email thank you isn’t enough, send the coolest swag to your advocates – in just a few clicks.
B2B marketers ask their customers for a lot of help, but thanking them in a meaningful way is time consuming and tedious. Influitive’s new automatic fulfillment capabilities make it easier than ever to send fun gifts, rewards and swag from vendors like Printfection and Amazon. In a few clicks, users can purchase gifts that advocates can easily redeem the next time they log in.

About Influitive
Influitive, based in Toronto and San Francisco, is changing the face of B2B marketing through its innovative AdvocateHub platform for advocate marketing. Today’s buyers are leveraging knowledgeable peers at roughly twice the rate than they did even four years ago. Influitive’s AdvocateHub lets marketers capture the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers, and evangelists, turning that into direct support through all stages of the buying cycle, from social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references. Influitive’s customers include some of most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software and technology firms in the world. To learn how to get your advocates working with you, please visit