New Upshot offering enables B2B marketers to generate customer-led content with ease

TORONTO – January 19, 2017 –  Customers want to hear stories from peers, not brands: this is what companies can now achieve with Upshot, a new customer story generation tool from Influitive, the advocate marketing experts. Upshot helps marketers generate and spotlight authentic customer stories with ease. Influitive also announced significant advancements to its flagship advocate marketing platform, AdvocateHub.

Upshot, as part of an advocate marketing program or on its own, helps companies drive their relevant social proof through their customers’ voices. It simplifies story generation: marketers can source, create, distribute, and report results effortlessly. Upshot enables companies to:

  • Identify customers with authentic, relevant, on-narrative stories
  • Craft exceptional stories that speak from the customer’s voice
  • Accelerate the story generation process inexpensively and effortlessly

“Upshot was very easy to use and the online platform gave us visibility into the production stages. It lifted a big burden from us of taking the time to interview the client and write the story,” said Summer Palma, Marketing Manager at On-Site. “The success story captured much more quantitative data than I anticipated. I also like that it’s less salesy and more focused on how our client is solving a problem – their voice comes out in the writing.”

“We have cracked the code on efficient, authentic customer story generation. Upshot can craft stories that are more effective but with less hassle and at a lower cost,” said Mark Organ, Founder and CEO of Influitive. “Many companies struggle to create the volume of stories required to influence potential buyers. The reality is that in today’s environment, companies need numerous stories for a diverse set of user types and use cases. Upshot enables a high volume of authentic stories for marketers.”


Updates to AdvocateHub include the following:

  • Peer-to-peer messaging and personalized profiles enable a more vibrant community and authentic advocate engagement.
  • New workflow management and reporting enhancements facilitate the scaling of programs to thousands of advocates.
  • Benchmark reports provide insight on how communities are performing in comparison to others on the platform which improves short and long term planning.
  • Email deliverability reports measure the effectiveness of emails to the community by providing visibility into email open and click rates.

Read more about Upshot in CEO Mark Organ’s blog post: Cracking The Code On Better Customer Stories.

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