Santa’s sleigh relies on magic to deliver the goods; Influitive’s referral engine is powered by advocates.

Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, brought joy and peace to sales teams everywhere by delivering nearly 10,000 referral leads through advocate marketing programs in 2014. Marketing executives rejoiced in knowing that referred leads from these advocates – customers, employee and fans – convert 2X better than leads generated from other marketing channels.


Just one year after Influitive added powerful referral automation features to its advocate marketing software, the company has helped hundreds of fast-growing companies generate more warm referral leads from happy customers than ever before.

“Our data strongly suggests that nice brands get significantly more referrals and other gifts from their advocates than the naughty ones,” said Jim Williams, VP Marketing at Influitive. “In 2014, marketers and salespeople using Influitive’s AdvocateHub also received a 600% increase in the number of sales references, over 3,000 genuine product reviews and more than 260,000 posts on social media from their advocates.”

All of these high-value referrals weren’t generated by magic: Influitive Referrals is a B2B referral automation solution that helps marketers generate more sales-ready leads from customers, partners, advocates and fans. Within AdvocateHub, the company’s flagship advocate marketing platform, Influitive Referrals overcomes many of the problems associated with B2B referral programs by providing a simpler, more rewarding experience for participants.

To learn more about the impact advocate marketing can have on your business in 2015, download Influitive’s free eBook about The Value of Advocate Marketing now.

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Jim Williams
VP of Marketing at Influitive
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