Influitive’s advocate marketing solution scales Mitel’s customer success and employee engagement strategies to new heights

Toronto, ON – Mitel, a global leader in business communications, recently launched their customer, partner and employee advocacy program using Influitive’s advocate marketing solution, AdvocateHub. After engaging 3,500 employees worldwide, Mitel reports that the program has generated remarkable early results that contribute to the company’s goals for customer success, employee engagement, social selling and brand advocacy.

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In the first two weeks of the program, Mitel employees have generated more than 2,500 social shares, including over 1,000 LinkedIn posts. This has resulted in increased awareness of Mitel’s strategic focus areas underpinned with customer success proof points.

Thanks to this early momentum, Influitive’s AdvocateHub is recognized by Mitel’s Chief Marketing Officer, Martyn Etherington, for its ability to allow the business communications leader to enable, empower and engage its employees as brand and customer advocates.

“Influitive has helped us engage our employees and advocates to amplify Mitel’s brand in the marketplace based on customer success,” says Etherington. “In just a few short weeks, we have enabled and empowered hundreds of employees from around the world to become actively engaged in representing Mitel’s brand across the social web.”

The program, called Mitel Champions, will also be opened to customers and partners in the coming weeks.

“Increasing brand perception, revenue and employee engagement are three of Mitel’s key initiatives in 2014,” says Liz Pedro, Director of Customer Success Marketing at Mitel. “With Influitive’s AdvocateHub, it’s so easy for employees, customers and partners to share content on social networks, post genuine reviews, participate in sales references, and opt in for customer success marketing initiatives with just the click of a button.”

Capturing high-quality referrals from customers and partners will also be a critical priority for the program when it is fully rolled out.

Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive, praises Mitel’s marketing leaders for their cutting-edge approach to business-to-business marketing. “The incredible early results of the Mitel Champions program are a testament to the innovation taking place in Mitel’s marketing organization,” Organ says.

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