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These tips were originally published in our eBook, Inspiring Customers to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide.

As a B2B marketer, you have boundless opportunities to turn your happiest customers into content collaborators.

Involving customers in your content marketing strategy has lots of benefits, including:

  • Uncovering better content ideas and new customer success stories
  • Speeding up content production
  • Increasing user-generated content
  • Growing organic social media distribution
  • Building customer advocacy and engagement

Below, we’ve compiled a list of ideas of how you can get your customers involved in every stage of the content creation process.

Note: having a formal advocate marketing program or strategy makes asking for customer participation easier. Learn about the basics of advocate marketing here.

Checklist: how to involve customers in your content marketing strategy

Stage 1: Ideation
  • Ask for opinions, pain points and insights on their industry/role to generate content ideas
  • Get them to vote on or vet story ideas and value propositions
  • Uncover potential success stories through community discussions and feedback
  • Survey them to generate original research
  • Give them content previews and ask for feedback before publishing

*Hint: An advocate community is the perfect place to do this

Stage 2: Content Creation
  • Get them to submit short quotes or testimonials for content
  • Ask them to co-write eBooks and success stories in their own words
  • Train them to write guest blog posts
  • Offer to let them star in how-to videos or podcasts
  • Ask them for questions or content for webinars
  • Crowdsource tips and insights from them for content round-ups
  • Allow them to re-write your product page copy or value propositions in their own words
Stage 3: Content Distribution
  • Ask them to follow and promote your social handles
  • Ask them to share your content on social media
  • Run campaigns or contests to generate discussion around your brand
  • Point them to blogs of yours they may want to comment on
  • Curate shareable content lists for and with them

*Hint: Make this process a fun competition to inspire participation

Stage 4: Developing third-party user-generated content (UGC)
  • Ask advocates to write genuine reviews on third-party websites
  • Point them to relevant discussions on forums, such as Quora, Reddit, etc.
  • Ask them to combat competitor claims on third-party content
  • Create a pool of volunteers for media, PR and analyst requests
  • Challenge them to post original content about your brand on UGC content sites like Medium, YouTube, etc.

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