The Next Frontier In B2B Content Marketing Distribution: Advocate-Driven Sharing

Francesca Krihely

This post was originally published as a chapter in our eBook, Inspiring Customers to Create Content for You: A Marketer’s Guide.

You invest a lot of time into creating your content. But when you hit ‘Publish’, only 20% of your job is done; the other 80% is getting the right people to see it.

To lighten your load, enlist the help of your brand advocates.

They can help get your content in front of relevant audiences—after all, most of your future customers are probably connected with your current customers. Plus, prospects are more likely to convert on content shared from a peer than a brand.

Harnessing advocates to improve B2B content marketing distribution

Before we had an advocate community, we were working out of spreadsheets and spending hours sending one-off emails to mailing lists in hopes of getting people to share our content. It was time-consuming to hit up the same contacts all the time just to get a tweet or a post on LinkedIn, and difficult to track who had shared our content.

We also ran the risk of burning out our advocates with repetitive requests.

Today it is easier for us to engage with our advocates, and instead of making requests we are focused on creating a great experience first.

We make social sharing simple by gathering all of our content in our community hub, and providing our advocates with sample messaging so they don’t have to think about what to write if they don’t want to.

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 We are dedicated to making the experience fun. Just a couple of months ago, we ran an Olympic-themed contest where each social share request was tied to a sport. Around synchronized swimming, we asked our advocates to ‘Share how you keep in sync with your database on social.’

To encourage organic conversation, we motivate our advocates to talk about us in their own words through a ‘Tweet of the Week’ contest. There, advocates have the opportunity to share self-authored tweets about MongoDB with our content team. We pick a favorite at the end of each week and highlight the winner in our advocate community.

No matter the medium, our advocates organically help spread our reach and validate our messaging. In fact, their help on social media drove over 50,000 new visits to our website site in just four months.

Why advocates WILL share your content with their networks

True advocates love being a part of your story.

If being associated with your brand increases your advocates’ online profiles, sense of belonging or industry knowledge, they will be happy to help out on social media. (If you’ve involved advocates in the content creation from the start, it should be even easier!)

I once read a quote that said, ‘Twitter is a place for people to be brands and brands to be people.’ I think it’s true on all social media platforms!

Your advocates get to use your brand to boost their social capital when they share your content—and your company is humanized when advocates support your messaging.

Francesca’s top recommendations for increasing advocate social sharing

  • Find out what drives your advocates to engage on social media (Is it knowledge, clout, or networking?)
  • Make it easy and fun for advocates to share your content
  • Track sharing so you can thank advocates for their help later

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