Advocamp_350x250There’s a monumental shift happening in how brands think about attracting and retaining buyers.

Technology and digital marketplaces have given consumers endless amounts of information and choices. And, if your services don’t meet their standards, they can easily go elsewhere (and leave you a scathing online review in the process).

Companies have realized they need to engage customers throughout their entire lifecycle, and turn them into loyal brand advocates. But many are at a loss for exactly how to do it—aside from beefing up customer service.

Luckily, there’s an event dedicated to explaining how brands can engage customers and build long-term relationships: Advocamp (hosted by Influitive).

Advocamp (March 7-9 in San Francisco) is bringing together the top customer-focused thought leaders to discuss how companies can get their arms around the customer experience and inspire more advocacy.

shanann klaver“This is a field that is new for a lot of companies and people,” says Shanann Klaver, Customer Advocacy Manager from Optimizely, and an attendee at last year’s Advocamp. “There aren’t many other conferences out there dedicated to this topic.”

However, it’s not just the topic that makes Advocamp special.

But instead of us telling you why you should come to Advocamp—we’ve asked last year’s attendees to explain.

1. Learn strategies and tactics that will drive results

You’re there because you want to make a difference in your business, and Advocamp will help you do exactly that.

Kate_LukachJust ask Kate Lukach, Director, Customer Marketing from HireVue: “I walked away with a much more strategic sense of how we’d tie [our advocacy efforts] directly to business goals and revenue generation—which has really helped with the success of our program and exec buy-in.”

Within a few weeks of using some of the tactics she learned at Advocamp to launch an advocate marketing program, Kate generated new referrals, references and higher engagement levels.

2. Hear insanely insightful speakers

We’ve recruited the most interesting and insightful speakers to present at Advocamp, like author Daniel Pink, strategist Jay Baer and analyst Laura Ramos. (See the full list here.)

Amy_WinnerWe’ve also invited marketing leaders from customer-centric organizations like Slack, HP and ecobee to share their success stories. (You can view all of their talks here.)

“The speakers are all fantastic, and many of them will surprise you,” says Amy Winner, Director, Community Marketing at Socrata. “Sleep in another morning and schedule your calls for another day. You’ll want to give Advocamp your undivided attention!”

Advocamp: the biggest customer engagement and advocacy event of the year
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3. Meet like-minded professionals

KimEllis_001_squareUniting your company around customer engagement and advocacy is still a relatively new discipline. That’s why it’s important to connect with others who share the same thoughts and challenges as you. And Advocamp is the perfect place to do it.

Kim Ellis, Director of Customer Connect at BMC Software, agrees that making lasting connections at last year’s Advocamp was valuable whenever she wanted to share insights with a peer. “Being able to reach out to people you meet is so comforting.”

4. Enjoy a unique and refreshing experience

Patricia_Lalisan“Aside from being an extremely informative event, Advocamp is quirky,” says Patricia Lalisan Customer Marketing Manager at Genesys.

Advocamp isn’t the dry, sterile, corporate conference you’re used to. We have several features you won’t find at a typical conference:

  1. Our tightly-focused 15 to 20 minute AMP talks are chock-full of best practices and actionable takeaways. There’s no endless PowerPoint presentations here!
  2. Small, targeted networking opportunities based on your areas of interest. Forget wandering around cocktail hours trying to shove your business cards into people’s hands.
  3. An adult summer camp vibe (but without bunk beds or bug bits). Let’s just say it will be a memorable experience—and there will be s’mores.


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