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B2B marketers can be pretty vain.

All they usually do is talk about how great their products or services are… instead of letting their customers say it for them.

With that in mind, we decided to create a fun video marketing campaign to get people talking—or shall I say, “singing”—about vain marketers.

Everyone knows Carly Simon’s song, You’re So Vain. Well, we rewrote it to make it about B2B marketing.

But we wanted to get our customers singing too. (It would be hypocritical of us to hog the spotlight!) So we gave them the lyrics and asked them to lip-synch the chorus.

15 of our advocates decided to rock out on camera for us—and we think they’re the real stars of the video. Here’s the final product:

If you’re wondering how to get your customers creating video content (and other kinds of user-generated content—not just lip-synching) read on for my tips.

How we engage advocates in our video marketing campaigns

To get customers to be in our music video, we didn’t blast our database with an email request.

Instead, we let happy customers, who are part of our Influitive VIP advocate marketing program, choose if they wanted to participate.

If you’re wondering how an advocacy program works, read this quick primer. In a nutshell, we engage our customers year-round by offering them exclusive access to content, perks, contests and professional development opportunities.

This makes it easy for us to ask them for favours like writing testimonials, being in our content and getting on camera to talk about their experience with us. (Or lip-sync for us!)

Here’s what our request looked like in the program when an advocate clicked on it to get more details:


In addition to inviting our VIP advocates, we also asked attendees at our Toronto User Group event to join the sing-a-long.

5 keys to getting customers involved with your content

How can you get customers to take time from their busy schedules to help you with your marketing?

Here’s my top five tips for getting your advocates on camera:

1. Ask the right people

If you don’t have an advocate community, you can find the customers that are likely to participate by looking at NPS scores, talking to your customer-facing teams, or asking your social media followers and event attendees. (We have a bunch of articles with more examples of how to find your advocates here.)

2. Be specific

The more specific you are with your instructions, the more likely your customers will be to help you. If you’re vague or give them too many choices, they might get overwhelmed. Take the guesswork out of it by telling them exactly what they need to do.

I wrote step-by-step instructions on how advocates could submit videos for our sing-a-long. There are tons of ways people can make and upload videos, so I asked our advocates to use a specific site and follow certain steps.

Here’s a screenshot of my instructions:


3. Make it easy

When you offer advocates tips and resources to make content or videos for you, they’ll be more likely to participate.

There’s a few ways your customers can easily record video:

  • With a webcam, they can use webcamera.io or Hangout On Air with YouTube Live to record themselves, and then send the video file to you.
  • They could also use their smartphone’s camera to record a short video and email it to you.
  • If they don’t feel confident enough to record on their own, hop on a video call with them using your video conferencing software. Hit “Record,” ask them a few questions, and edit the video for them afterwards.

To encourage them even more, you can offer them lighting or sound tips. (They’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll get the best quality video!)

Two quick suggestions: for lighting, tell them to face natural light and stay away from direct overhead lights if possible to avoid shadows. For sound, if they can’t find a quiet place to record, they can use the built-in mic on their earbuds to improve the quality.

4. Get personal

I thought it would be helpful to make a karaoke video of myself lip-syncing the lyrics. This way, advocates could sing along with me when they filmed their own version, and would know exactly what we wanted.


A screenshot from my debut music video

By making this video, I also put a human face to our request and made it more personal. This helps me build relationships with our advocates—and makes them want to help me (and my company) out with future requests.

5. Follow up

It’s important to follow up with your customers and thank them for helping you.

We gave our karaoke singers a sneak preview of the video to show our appreciation and make them feel special. This makes them more likely to advocate for us in the future, and more willing to share the video with their networks later once it was publicly released.

Why advocate-created video marketing campaigns are powerful

In the first two months since we shared this fun video, we received over 1,100 views. The video also influenced two opportunities.
Here’s what some of our advocates have said about it:

carol-dorn“We’ve all fallen into that trap. So very, very clever! Love it!!”

Carol Dorn, Customer Advocacy Coordinator at Renaissance Learning




Buyers don’t care what brands have to say. They place more stock in what their peers say about you.

Our sing-a-long is just one example of how customers can spread your messages for you. Your customers can add value and trust to every aspect of your marketing—from providing success stories to writing product reviews.

For more tips on how to get customers involved with your content, get our free how-to guide to generating more user-generated content for your marketing campaigns.

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