Three Dozen Fun Ways to Mobilize Your Advocates

We know how important your community of advocates is to you. You want to keep things useful and entertaining for your communities and engage them in a way that is not only fun, but meaningful to them.

Our own Nadia Hogg put together dozens of excellent ideas to energize your AdvocateHub. You can implement these ideas today:

Influitive AdvocateHub: Interactive Challenge Guide from Influitive

Do you have challenge ideas you don’t see listed yet? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments. If we like your idea, we’ll feature it in VIP (Influitive’s own AdvocateHub) and a future blog post.

If you found these ideas helpful, you’ll love our Ektron case study featuring Fred Bals’ success with their AdvocateHub.

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3 Responses to Three Dozen Fun Ways to Mobilize Your Advocates

  1. awesome examples that display the breadth of what you can do with your AdvocateHub. I am sure others can come up with even more creative challenges!

  2. […] Challenges are the things you ask your advocates to do. […]

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