Salesforce is the home of those who live and breathe revenue. Your sales reps, CSMs, and the rest of your go-to-market teams spend a lot of their workday in Salesforce—they have to in order to do their job effectively. To make them even more successful, it’s important to give them additional account and contact insights in the context of their everyday workflows. Whether developing more personalized outreach or assessing the health of an account, having behavioral data, psychographic data, and sentiment never hurts. Influitive’s upgraded Salesforce integration now includes Advocacy Insights, which surfaces a wide variety of key data points to your teams.

Here at Influitive, we use our product to engage directly with our customers every day, which means we constantly capture insights. This includes company and product feedback, product ideas, market intelligence, testimonials, competitive insights, best practices, and more. We use highly targeted, incentivized asks to obtain quick answers to hard questions and gather accurate and honest user-generated content that our sales and marketing teams can use to strengthen our positioning and messaging. The only drawback? Reps didn’t always have this information at their fingertips. With this improved integration, we’ve solved that. 

Insights in Action

The name and link to the source of the activity sit in the left column. Next to that the type of Advocacy performed. 

It’s easy to drill down further by clicking the source title for more details. 

Filter and report on the type of activities, the ROI of those activities, the names of your customers, and more.

With Advocacy Insights, reps can view recent activity in any account or by any customer. CSMs can view customer responses to satisfaction surveys. Both roles can see which product roadmap items resonate with customers, and work closely with Marketing to organize testimonials from enthusiastic advocates and inform your reference program. At Influitive, we have created dashboards that leverage Advocacy Insights to showcase our happiest and most vocal accounts. It’s easy to drill down into their feedback to see what makes them excited and where they think we can improve.



Now that Advocacy Insights combines all this useful data into Salesforce, it’s easy to build custom reports and dashboards to keep track of things you care about. For example, you may wish to see which accounts or contacts are the most engaged (like in the image above), or which member delivers the most ROI. As a CSM, you can filter your portfolio of accounts to track engagement, NPS, and the overall health of the customers you manage.

This all sounds great—but how does it work?

Any action performed in an Influitive hub generates an Act of Advocacy—these are actions that directly support your business goals like providing social proof for your Marketing, taking a survey for CX research, submitting a product idea for your Product team, or jumping on a reference call to aid in a sale. They can occur in a:

  • Gamified mission
  • Discussion topic
  • Submitted referral
  • Or they can be logged for activities that take place outside of our hub, like watching a webinar or completing a training course 

When this integration and Advocacy Insights are enabled, these actions are sent to a custom object in Salesforce every hour. They contain information like:

  • The type of activity performed (aka the Act of Advocacy)
  • The contact who performed the activity
  • The data or response provided (survey response, discussion post, NPS Score, etc.)
  • A link to where this happened in our hub (Challenge, Discussion post, or Referral campaign)

Knowing more about prospects and customers allows you to serve them better. Knowing more about your market and competitors allows you to sell better and informs product teams of when features should be prioritized on the roadmap. Empowering teams with this information allows them to be more confident about their account-based approach and gives them important context they might miss otherwise.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Advocacy Insights, check out this overview article to get started. The feature is free to use, so upgrade today to take advantage of it. We hope you find this feature useful and if you have any questions get in touch with your CSM!