The second day of Advocamp began the way all camping trips should: with a bear fight. (Watch the opening video below and you’ll understand why.)

Head Counselor Buck managed to wrestle the Advocamp flag away from the wild beast (who turned out to be a softie).


Then the talk got serious: how can brands change the way they think about engaging customers and turning them into advocates?

Here are some of the top insights from the Day 2 speakers:

  1. Keith Ferrazzi, speaker and author of Never Eat Alone, outlined the secrets of building great relationships. It begins with extreme generosity. Start out a new connection by asking first “How can I help?” Once you’re in, you can be your most authentic self.
  1. Mark Organ, CEO and Founder of Influitive, explained the benefits of elevating customers and turning them into advocates for your brand. Give them social capital and a sense of belonging and they’ll go above and beyond for you.
  1. Dan Ariely, Duke University Professor, author and TED speaker, took campers through a journey of human psychology and how it affects reciprocity. The good news: humans are more generous than we think—if they trust you. Crowds can also influence good (or bad) behavior.
  1. Joseph Jaffe, CEO/Co-Founder of Evol8tion, re-enacted ‘The Revenant’ with the bear before getting on stage to deliver his advice for creating an army of brand zealots. First, forget about jumping on the next marketing tool bandwagon. Focus on perfecting what you have (email/CRM/websites) and leveraging your best assets (like your network and employees) to make your current customers happier. They account for 80% of your revenue, so invest more in delighting them.
    1. Bill Macaitis, CMO of Slack, shared how companies can incentivize their employees to treat customers better and grow through positive word of mouth (instead of cheap marketing tactics). The secret? Align sales, marketing and customer success around long-term metrics like NPS, CSAT, Daily Active Users and Response Times.
    1. Jill Rowley, social selling evangelist, explained why empathy and knowledge will mean more to your customers than pushy sales tactics. To achieve this, marketing should support sales with the right content at the right point in the buyers journey. (Notice she didn’t call it the sales process? Be on your customer’s side.)
    1. Laura Ramos, Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst, says customer advocacy isn’t an accident. Companies must invest and put aside resources (people, tech) to create better customer experiences at scale. Advocates will give you greater brand reach at a lower cost if you treat them right.

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Then it was time to head to the mess hall for lunch. Head Counselor Buck was around for photo ops.

The rest of the afternoon featured a variety of AMP talks for attendees to choose from. To end the educational portion of the day, there was a Tug O’ War debate (moderated by Mark Fidelman, Forbes contributor) between Laura Ramos, Lincoln Murphy (Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight), Jill Rowley and Tracy Eiler (CMO at Insideview) on customer advocacy. Attendees voted through the Advocamp 2016 app for their favorite speaker, and chose Tracy as the top debater.

Next, some of the top advocate and customer marketers attended an intimate dinner for the third annual Best Advocate Marketing Awards. Congratulations to the winners!

Best Referral Program – Buffini & Company

Best Product Review Campaign – Marketo

Best Social Engagement – Cisco Systems

Best Use of Advocates at an Event – Okta

Best Advocate Community – MuleSoft

Best Advocate Experience – Halogen Software

Best Content Creation – Rapid7

Big BAM! Business Impact – InsightSquared

Advocate Marketer of the Year – Michael Beahm

Advocate Marketing Program of the Year – Buffini & Company

Finally the day ended with a camp party under the stars! There was dancing, drinks and, of course, s’mores!

Day 2 was filled with amazing speakers, activities and takeaways, but wait until you hear what happened on Day 1 and Day 3

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