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Understanding your customers is critical to any successful advocate marketing program, but not all customers or advocates are alike. They can be motivated by very different things.

As a marketer, it’s easy to get caught up in what you want from your customers, such as case studies, referrals, testimonials or social media interaction. In order to get the best results from your advocates, however, you first need to learn what they want from you.

Lucky for you, the Influitive Labs team is almost always running experiments to deepen our knowledge about advocates so we can design the best experiences for them in AdvocateHub, our advocate marketing platform, and Maven, our mobile app.

After studying advocates across all AdvocateHubs, we uncovered four advocate personas: The Super Connector, The Guru, The Star and The Oracle.

The 4 advocate personas

Advocate persona: Super Connector1. The Super Connector

These advocates know that their long-term prospects are tied to the size and quality of their professional network. So, when it comes to your advocacy program, helping Super Connectors build relationships with others is paramount.

Not surprisingly, their social network of choice is LinkedIn and they’d love it if you hooked them up with tickets to an exclusive industry event or any occasion where they can work the room.


Advocate persona: Guru2. The Guru

Gurus value professional relationships too, but unlike Super Connectors, a Guru’s motivation is altruistic.

To motivate a Guru, you must know that they derive satisfaction from helping others and sharing information.

Pair a Guru with a customer who is new to your product so that they can pass on their wisdom.


Advocate persona: Star3. The Star

Similar to Gurus, Star advocates takes pride in offering their help and being recognized for their efforts.

To motivate Stars, your program must help them promote their personal brand.

Give your Star advocates the opportunity to speak to the media about their success with your product, get them to present at your annual conference and feature them on your blog.


Advocate persona: Oracle4. The Oracle

Oracles are experts in their field and want others to know it. Give them opportunities to demonstrate their deep knowledge on a particular topic.

They’re keen to contribute to a whitepaper, write up a product review or speak at a conference.

Oracles also love learning and contributing content on community-based sites such as Reddit, StackOverflow and Digg.


Knowledge of advocate personas is not only relevant to marketers – advocates enjoy learning about themselves too! Influitive Labs recently ran an A/B test with our introductory tutorial in AdvocateHub to help them do this.

For half of all sign ups, we swapped out the introductory tutorial and replaced it with an Advocate Personality Quiz. We asked advocates a few simple questions so that they could discover which type of advocate they are and learn how they can benefit most from the program.

This is how the four advocate personas break down across all AdvocateHubs:


Perhaps not surprisingly, The Super Connector was the most common type of advocate, with 53% of advocates identifying as this advocate persona, followed by The Oracle, which made up one quarter of advocates.

Fun fact: We also saw a 25% increase in our onboarding conversion as a result of the A/B test and, thanks to its success, the Advocate Personality Quiz is now part of our product.

If you’re already an Influitive customer and are interested in participating in the Influitive Labs program, please email us at [email protected]!