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What is an Advocate Marketing Program?

Whether or not it is an organized effort, you have advocates who are already recommending you to their peers or taking reference calls. An advocate marketing program provides a framework to mobilize your advocates as they go about their job of supporting your existing sales and marketing initiatives. Importantly, an advocate marketing program recognizes advocates’ participation. Successful advocate marketing programs are tied to business objectives and understand advocates and what motivates them. They are also engaging, scalable and measurable.

Why Is An Advocate Marketing Program Important?

Successful advocate marketing programs allow sales, customer success and marketing teams to all communicate with customers in a semi-automated environment that measures the value it’s generating. Advocate marketing programs automate and track many customer initiatives, including referrals and reference programs. Automation and structure prevents advocates from becoming fatigued. Advocates will become tired if you repeatedly ask them for favours without recognizing them. Advocate marketing programs are a strategic way to organize the customer experience, and ensure that they are retained as both a customer and an advocate.

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