How is being a football fan similar to being a customer advocate?

Julie Persofsky

challenge-competition-crowd-4109-524x350We are all advocates for something in our lives. You might be a rabid sports fan, find yourself advocating for your kids, or show your support for a brand that you like. People typically advocate for whatever they are passionate about for similar reasons to others, even if the interest is different. This driving reason is passion – the drive to be on a winning team or stand up for what you believe in.

In a recent survey in Influitive’s AdvocateHub, we asked our customer advocates around this coming Superbowl, “Share with us how being a football fan is similar to being a customer advocate?”

The responses showed a variety of traits:


True passion

Both require a passion for being the best you can be ( at the top of your game ) !!  Go ‘Niners!!! It’s all about the passion and the following around a team, brand, product.

Being part of a winning team! And supporting your team to make them winners. “It’s a good feeling to be with a winner!”

“It’s the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, baby :-)”

“We’ll do crazy things to “help” our team win!”

“my team always wins…”

“You’d do anything to see your “team” win!”

Brand Defense Through Thick or Thin

Being a fan is part of your life and you would defend their performance to the end.

Some people just ignored the question and vented about the Superbowl, showing a true passion for what they believe in and ignoring anything that stands in their way to think about anything else.

“I keep convincing myself it’s the Seahawks playing Sunday…”

“I’m from Boston …. grrrrr”

“Patriots Fan = Anybody But Ravens.”

“Please note that I am a fan of the Denver Broncos. NOT the Ravens.I just think that the Ravens will be prepared for Colin Kaepernick and the Niners! Should be a good one.”

Supporting a football team is easy as there are many characteristics you can identify with: they have players that you can root for, maybe they are from your home town, or perhaps you just like their colors. If you want your customers, employees, or supporters to advocate for your company, you need to give them things to grab onto and relate.

I’ve spoken to a few of my customers about why they are such supporters of us, one answer “I like your people, believe in your product and like what you stand for”. Why would your customers want to advocate for your company? What do you stand for and what can they believe in?

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One Response to How is being a football fan similar to being a customer advocate?

  1. Sports teams are lucky in that all they have to do is keep winning, and their fan base will continue growing.

    In B2B, it’s harder. You have to really earn your advocates almost one by one, the old fashioned way.

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