Brainshark Case Study: Champions Program Increases Social Media Presence By 106% And Wins Major Industry Award

Truman Tang

Leveraging employees and customers to boost social media marketing and win awards: Brainshark’s story

Engaging your employees and customers to talk about you can be very similar to fishing. You’ll cast a link into the online ocean to see how many views you can reel in.

In the B2B space, getting even a few bites is lucky. Unfortunately, what you’ll end up doing is continually recasting the same line to get more views.

So how can you create social media sharing frenzy in the online ocean? Let me tell you a story about Joan.

Joan Babinski is the Vice President of Marketing at Brainshark, a platform that transforms dull, static documents into live, media-rich presentations to engage viewers.

She recently told me that Brainshark’s advocate program, Brainshark Champions, has been generating some amazing results, especially in the online fishing department:

  • Engaged over 450 ecstatic customers and enthusiastic employees
  • Boosted their social media presence by 106%
  • Increased survey response rates by 15%
  • Took home the 2013 Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B Social Depth category

Here’s how Joan and the Brainshark marketing team did it:

Brainshark Case Study: Champion Program Increases Social Media Presence By 106% And Wins Major Industry Award

They knew they had a strong group of employees and customers who were Brainshark fanatics. They just needed a way to engage and remind them to spread the positive word on social media.

To do this, Joan and her team invited their best customers and employees into an exclusive advocate marketing program called the Brainshark Champions.

The Brainshark Champions program allows employees and customers to participate in fun tasks and be recognized for their contributions. Additionally, it’s an environment where employees and customers can receive training and exclusive opportunities to “level up” their knowledge of Brainshark’s products. Because of the Brainshark Champions program, there was a dramatic boost in social media mentions across Brainshark’s online channels.

The full story about Joan’s success with the Brainshark Champions can be seen in Brainshark’s very own app, embedded below:

Joan, congratulations once again to you and the Brainshark team! You have an incredible program and it is proven through your Forrester Groundswell Award win. We’re already looking forward to hearing more great things.

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