Case Study: How Xactly Mobilized Social Media Influencers

Truman Tang

Influitive Can Help You Garner Social Media Referrals and Nurture Social Selling From Influencers

We all know social media has the potential to spread ideas and ignite conversations like wildfire, especially for things like memes or the latest funny ad. But what about B2B products? How do you become a social media influencer whose product campaigns become contagious in the social sphere?

We asked those questions to Robyn Bedell, customer success rep extraordinaire at Xactly. After hearing her story, we knew it was something we had to share.

“I was thrilled to see how many customers responded, and how quickly they drive great product reviews across a number of social sites!” – Robyn Bedell

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Xactly is the market leader in on demand sales compensation and sales performance management. Which is to say, its products help sales people get paid for selling the right stuff.

Robyn knew that the best marketing for Xactly’s products are the stories that satisfied social media influencers – promoters, fans and evangelists – share on product review sites and in communities all over the social web.

So she organized the FOX (the Friends of Xactly) program to help her tap into the latent goodwill of hundreds of advocates to help spread the word and drive new product sales. Influitive helped Robyn mobilize her advocates at scale while allowing her to properly manage and reinforce her relationships with each of her advocates (and there are many!). Just look at the results:

In just one year, Xactly’s advocate marketing program:

  • Drove more than 80% of customer activity on Salesforce AppExchange, resulting in Xactly receiving the 2012 Customer Choice Award.
  • Lit up Xactly’s LinkedIn page with 262 recommendations, follows and shares, making it one of LinkedIn’s 12 best company sites of 2012.
  • Ignited social interaction in minutes. Xactly gained 89 Twitter followers and 96 Facebook likes from one simple challenge.

Check out this visual case study from the desk of Robyn to see how it all went down!

These are amazing results, Robyn! Congratulations to you and your team at Xactly – we are looking forward to hearing more about the great things your X factor will deliver in the future!

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2 Responses to Case Study: How Xactly Mobilized Social Media Influencers

  1. great case study and amazing how critical reviews in appexchange or linkedin are in generating buzz for the company!

  2. Jeffrey Linton says:

    Robyn Congratulations on running a great program – Thanks for sharing!!

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