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Measuring your customer advocacy and community program’s success is critical for growing membership, boosting engagement, and delivering even better customer experiences. We’re excited about the recent release of Reporting 360, a wholly redesigned reporting and analytics suite powered by Looker and customized just for Influitive customers. This release combines brand new data and reports, robust reporting tools, advanced visualization options, and a smooth user experience that empowers program managers to rapidly pull data and organize it into private or team dashboards.

Who benefits from this rich data? (Spoiler: It’s everyone)

These insights are great for customer marketers looking to rapidly gather testimonials, community managers who wish to gather sentiment from their discussion forums, product managers trying to prioritize product ideas and feedback, product marketers looking to better understand their customers to build personas, messaging, and positioning, and salespeople looking for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. However, it doesn’t stop there. Anyone in your organization can benefit from these insights. By leveraging Looker’s robust functionality, it’s simple to schedule and share these reports across your organization in a variety of formats like spreadsheets and PDFs. 

Smooth UI and smart templates make exploring data easy

To improve the exploration of your customer data and the creation of dashboards to visualize and compare data, we knew that report creation needed to be more intuitive and faster. In order to facilitate this, we rebuilt the reporting flow from the ground up and created a variety of exploration paths to help program managers get started quickly.

These different routes each come with smart templates to help you move even faster. It’s now easier than ever to create reports on maneki Acts of Advocacy to measure your program’s ROI and output. We also included the ability to track any events taking place inside and outside of your hubs, to ensure things like webinar attendance are tracked accurately. We’ve also made it much faster to pull contact information, company information, and data on your email deliverability and the top-performing content in your programs.

Rich qualitative data improves segmentation and delivers better insights

In combination with typical engagement data like Acts of Advocacy, discussions, and page views, we’ve brought Custom Profile Fields, Challenge responses, and survey responses into reporting. Admins can view any response to any question posed to their users, allowing them to dive deep into every qualitative insight gathered from their program. Whether it’s persona development, customer experience surveys, or product research, every conversational insight, NPS score, and piece of feedback is now easily accessible to anyone in your organization. Combined with Influitive’s rich and flexible Custom Profile Fields, there has never been a better way to slice your data. You can also segment datasets using demographic variables, psychographic factors, and extensive behavioral data to compare different subsets of your customer base and inform communication and engagement strategy. 

Recommendations on taking your reporting to the next level

We have a series of recommendations on reports we think you should explore to improve your customer engagement efforts and gain deeper CX insights. 

  • Email deliverability: track the deliverability of all emails sent from your customer engagement programs. If the emails aren’t delivered, dig into why this is happening. For some customers, it may be that they’ve switched jobs and need to update their email and for others, they may have opted out of email. When this happens, it’s important to think of other ways to get in touch. One great solution to this is using in-product messaging to reach these customers and get them to take action.
  • Top search terms: pull a report on the top search terms, either in your Influitive hub or any other Knowledge Base software you have. Use this data to plan and prioritize content that enables your customers to succeed. 
  • Feedback Campaigns: run a feedback campaign to get diverse and detailed customer feedback on a variety of topics. One way to do this is to create a set of questions on pricing and packaging and build them into a fun journey with a prize at the end like a gift card or some swag. This is really easy to do in the Influitive platform and the responses can all be viewed, filtered, and exported in Reporting 360.
  • Calendar Heatmaps: keep track of the concentration and frequency of different events. For example, use a heat map to track when new members have joined your program or to visualize the engagement with specific pieces of content over time. This is one of the new visualization options included in Reporting 360!

Want to learn more and see a demo of Reporting 360°? 

Customers should contact their CSM to schedule a demo, and prospective customers should click below to and get in touch! 

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