“Enterprise software has always been sexy!”

We couldn’t agree more, Cindy Padnos!

Cindy, named in Venture Beat yesterday as one of 12 featured investors betting big on business technology, is pretty bullish on enterprise software. And she should be! She’s the founder of Illuminate Ventures, which focuses on high-tech investments – B2B cloud computing in particular.

Why do we love Cindy? Well, for one, she’s an Influitive investor – that always helps 🙂 But more importantly, like all good investors, Cindy is an advocate. Here’s an extract from VentureBeat’s interview with Cindy:

VentureBeat: Do you believe that the enterprise is sexy again?

Padnos: For some of us in the B2B world, it has always been sexy! My measure of sexy from an investment perspective is how well a sector performs. All the data we’ve seen shows that enterprise investments have been outperforming consumer both in terms of mergers and acquisitions and post-IPO performance for several years. We don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Read more & congratulations again to Cindy, our fellow hot companies Hoopla, BrightEdge, and CalmSea, and the other eleven hot B2B investors.


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