Hootsuite is one of the most widely-used social media management platforms in the world, with over over ten million users worldwide. So it’s no surprise that a brand as successful as Hootsuite has loyal and dedicated customer advocates.

In early 2014, Hootsuite had a small but mighty contingent of 84 power users scattered across the globe as part of their Hootsuite Ambassadors advocacy community. However, some Ambassadors felt isolated and wanted more opportunities to connect with other fans and the Hootsuite team.

Justine Vel hootsuite“As passionate as our Ambassadors were, we knew we could do more to facilitate their engagement on social,” says Justine Velcich, Global Community Programs Manager at Hootsuite. So the brand’s community team decided to revamp their advocacy program using a single platform to increase social engagement, unify members and attract more potential Ambassadors.

In our new ebook, we share how Hootsuite re-launched their Ambassador program—and grew membership seven-fold in just 10 months as a result. To read the eBook for free, visit our VIP Community.

Below, we’re sharing 5 tips from the Hootsuite team on how to grow a global advocate community.

1. Building a global advocacy program is a marathon, not a sprint. The longer you’re committed, the better your results will be.

2. Deepen relationships with your customers. Always be listening, learning and sharing.

3. Celebrate your advocates. Treat them like they’re part of your family.

4. Provide education opportunities. Helping your advocates grow and advance in their careers can increase your engagement.

5. Be welcoming. When a new advocate signs up, welcome them to your community and introduce them to other advocates in their local area.

How Hootsuite’s Advocate Program Grew 7X In Under A Year
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