Every customer is on a journey with you, your product, and your business. With so many touchpoints, delivering a personalized and smooth experience is crucial to driving advocacy and building customer loyalty. Giving customers granular control has always been a priority for Influitive; it’s why we’ve invested so much in our Targeting capabilities and Custom Profile Fields

To take this one step further, Influitive has been hard at work collaborating with customers to bring a highly-requested feature to the forefront. We’re excited to announce the release of Lenses

By engaging with the Lenses bar at the top of their screen, program managers can select any member and view a timestamped Lens of that member’s view inside the hub.

With these specs, you’ll see the hub through the eyes of any member, preview different journeys and flows, and test without fear of impacting their live experience or leaving a trail of data you don’t want. 

Gaining peace of mind through an immersive customer experience

Whether they’ve just arrived or it’s their 100th visit, an Influitive-powered customer advocacy community will look different to every member. As a program manager, getting that experience right is critical and with Lenses, you can ask and answer questions like “what does a first-time member see?” and “what do my most active and engaged members see?” Preview which challenges are available, which discussions are visible and what Rewards are redeemable along with granular details like points earned, badges received and level achieved.   

Infinite testable journeys and workflows, without infinite test accounts

Crafting customer journeys is its own craft, and like any craft, you need a complete picture of your work to truly master it. Whether you want to test a campaign from start to finish, a series of onboarding flows, or different paths branching out from specific challenge responses, Lenses has you covered! Not only does this eliminate the need for test accounts, Lenses will never store any data nor will it interfere with the member and their current session. Testing leaves no trace behind and is risk-free, so program managers can test as often as they’d like! 

Give sharp demos to your key stakeholders

One of the most important parts of getting buy-in for a customer advocacy program is showing and telling. With Lenses, seeing is believing as other stakeholders from across the organization (including your C-suite) can truly see what you’ve created and what your customer’s experience is like.

Here are a few recommendations for ways you can leverage Lenses to strengthen your relationship with other stakeholders. 

  • Sales: Walk your sales teams through your reference recruitment process, how reference requests appear to customers and how they are rewarded for taking action. 
  • Customer Success: Demonstrate key milestones in your customer advocacy program, show off your onboarding experience, and the various feedback mechanisms you have in play to gauge sentiment (e.g., a low NPS score leads to booking a meeting with the member’s CSM). 
  • Support: Share your educational content and how your program can reduce support tickets through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. You can also test out self-service and training flows and gather feedback from your support leaders. 
  • Product: Drive product innovation and ideation with a walkthrough of your beta programs, product ideas and feedback forums. For product marketers, you can show them how you collect third-party reviews.
  • Marketing: Show off creative campaigns you build and walk the teams through the customer journey of reading and social sharing your blogs and other company announcements. You can also show off the myriad of ways you ask members to speak at your events, provide testimonials for company press releases and more. 


Want to learn more and see a demo of Lenses?

Lenses is now available to all Influitive customers at no additional cost. Customers should contact their CSM to schedule a demo, and prospective customers should click below to get in touch!