The Opportunity In Negative Online Reviews

Regina Carlos

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Psst! We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

Negative reviews may actually be your largest untapped resource.

We know, the thought of getting negative reviews is uncomfortable at best and panic-inducing at worst.

However, they can really be a good thing.

Why negative reviews are good for your brand (yes, you read that right!)

For one, the negative online reviews generate interest. We know that G2 Crowd users click on less-than-positive reviews two-and-a-half times more frequently than the positives.

While you may not be thrilled about the idea of your prospects seeking out the negatives, it actually makes your product look more trustworthy. Remember the saying, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, the same goes for business software and services. A consumer isn’t going to trust a product that only has glowing, five-star reviews. It’s actually those three and four-star reviews that draw in the prospect and give them a realistic idea of your offering.

More importantly, negative reviews provide you with an incredible opportunity to publicly engage your customers and build valuable relationships.

How engaging with negative reviews can become a business opportunity

Responding to a positive review is great, but responding to the negatives is when you really build your brand and display your commitment to the customer and their happiness.

A recent Harris study found that 18% of people became loyal, repeat customers after receiving a brand’s response to their negative feedback.

By publicly engaging, you’re creating a dialogue to connect with the customer and address the issue.

And responding to a negative review won’t just keep your customers loyal, it actually may get you some new business! According to Bazaarvoice, people were 186% more likely to buy a product after seeing a brand respond to a customer who misused or misunderstood the product. Those same new customers were 92% more likely to buy after seeing the company offer to refund, upgrade, or exchange the product.

Receiving and (appropriately) responding to negative reviews is a win-win-win.

The final benefit of negative reviews: free feedback!

Negative reviews are unsettling, there’s no doubt, but try to look at them as free consulting. A reviewer’s comments about slow customer service or a clunky interface may give you valuable feedback into some areas you could improve on. Companies pay a lot of money for this type of information—authentic user reviews provide it to you for free. When you respond thoughtfully and appropriately to feedback, your company wins at the end of the day.

Now that you understand that negative reviews are an opportunity, be sure to encourage your customers to review your product on third-party sites like G2 Crowd. It’s the evolution of the purchasing process; embrace transparency and reap the benefits.

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