Results From 10 Of Our Biggest B2B Marketing Campaigns In 2014

As the head of marketing for a fast-growing startup, I love the new year because it means so many things: Resolutions (sometimes). Holiday hangovers (often). Unspent budget (never). One of my favorite exercises is to gather the team and look back and assess which of last year’s campaigns worked and which didn’t. It’s like group therapy – celebrating the ‘bright spots’ that should be repeated, while getting closure by putting those under-performing (and sometimes embarrassing) programs in the rear view mirror.

Most of what I’ve learned in marketing comes from observing the successes of others, so it makes sense to share our biggest and best B2B marketing campaigns from 2014 on our blog.

Not every campaign was a clear winner; many could have been planned executed a lot better. Some campaigns were super creative…but fell a little short of our expectations. Others had incredible ROI but weren’t our personal favorites for one reason or another. It happens, right?

Here are Influitive’s 10 biggest marketing campaigns from 2014 in no particular order, with a little personal perspective from the team mixed in. Enjoy!

1. Pandemic

An interactive online team-based game generated 826K social media impressions in 6 days

We created an experiential online contest called Pandemic that pushed our advocate marketing software to its limits for something it was never meant to do: facilitate team-based gameplay. During the six-day contest, 25 teams of four worked together to collect clues and solve puzzles to win cash prizes.

Read more about Pandemic

2. Dreamforce VIP Experience

3X increase in booth traffic over Dreamforce ’13

For the last two years, Dreamforce has been our single largest investment of the year. Between sponsorship, swag, contests, travel and accommodations, the costs really start to add up. That’s why our attitude is: go big or go home. For us, a perfect Dreamforce theme has to incorporate advocacy, online buzz and creativity. We started by brainstorming various themes we could run with before, during and after the event – some were better than others.

Read more about the Dreamforce VIP Experience

3. The B2B Marketer’s Field Guide To Customer Engagement

Influitive’s top-performing content asset in 2014

Our content marketer is really blunt about this one: The B2B Marketer’s Field Guide To Customer Engagement was probably her least favorite asset this year. Hands down.

4. Standing out at the SiriusDecisions Summit

From an Office Space meme to an online event experience

As deadlines for various conferences and tradeshows loom, we find ourselves asking the same question over and over again: How can we stand out against dozens or maybe even hundreds of other vendors?

Read more about the SiriusDecisions Summit

5. The Rise of the Customer Marketer

Creating the first resources for an under-served marketing hero

The Rise of the Customer MarketerMost of Influitive’s customers are customer marketers themselves, one way or another. Whether “customer marketing” is in their job title or not, they typically use our advocate marketing software to engage their customers. We kept hearing from them over and over again that there wasn’t much out there to help them become better customer marketers or learn about what other customer marketers were doing.

Read more about The Rise of the Customer Marketer

6. Influitive Exposed

A risque, in-depth case study attracts a new customer in less than 1 month

B2B marketing and nudity…go hand in hand, right? Umm, not exactly. When we decided to bring our own advocate marketing case study to life with allusions to baring all, stripping down, being naked, etc., we knew we’d be taking a huge risk. We had to avoid damaging our brand and the reputation of our customers and employees. How’d we do it?

Read about Influitive Exposed

7. Dead opps campaign

Helping the sales team bring 8 dead opportunities back to life for 2015

You know how it goes: you send your sales team tons of incredible leads, but for one reason or another, a bunch of them don’t amount to much. The opportunity goes dead. We wanted to close out 2014 by working with one of our Sales Development Reps to bring as many of these dead opps back to life as possible.

Read more about the dead opps campaign

8. Beyond NPS® eBook

Co-produced with a partner, this eBook generated the most inquiries from social ads

Influitive has strong partnerships with a number of fantastic organizations, including the Waypoint Group. Together, we decided to produce an eBook on a topic that was near and dear to both of our companies: identifying and mobilizing advocates.

Read more about the Beyond NPS® eBook

9. Aaron Ross webinar

Leveraging industry influencers to create our most popular webinar

We do a lot of webinars throughout the year, but our most successful by far – in terms of registrations, engagement and long-term value – was the one that featured Aaron Ross sharing some of his Predictable Revenue best practices.

Read more about our webinar with Aaron Ross

10. BAM!TV

The first late-night style talk show for B2B marketers, viewed 2,000 times in 24 hours

We wanted to do a big product launch, announcing a new feature in our advocate marketing software, AdvocateHub. Unfortunately, most B2B software product launches are Boring with a capital B. We didn’t want to do the typical datasheet, press release, demo video approach…it had to be something different. And, more importantly, as an advocate marketing software company, it had to involve Influitive’s biggest advocates.

Read more about BAM!TV

Which Influitive marketing campaign from 2014 was your favorite?

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