Results From Our 10 Biggest B2B Marketing Campaigns Of 2015

Last year, we created a retrospective blog about the results of our top B2B marketing campaigns of 2014. It quickly became one of our best performing articles month after month.

Why? Well, as a marketing leader, I learn by observing what others do. So, when we pulled back the curtain on some of our most creative campaigns, it clearly resonated with marketers.

So, like every great blockbuster, we’re bringing it back for a sequel. Here are Influitive’s 10 biggest B2B marketing campaigns from 2015 (in no particular order), including a look at how and why we created them, and the real results we achieved. Enjoy!

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1. Rachel, the Referral Relationship Coach

We’ve always said asking for a referral is like asking for a first date on Valentine’s Day: you’ve got to build some rapport before you go in for a big ask (or else you’ll seem desperate). We decided to keep the love theme alive in all of our referral-focused content this year.

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2. Don’t miss the boat on advocacy…

Booking valuable prospect meetings at conferences is tough. Doing it at a conference where vendors are banned from booking meeting rooms is next to impossible. But that’s the policy at the SiriusDecisions Summit. So, we knew we’d have to get creative if we wanted others to ride the advocacy wave…which is when we noticed that the hotel hosting the conference had a scenic indoor boat cruise.

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3. The Referral Relationship Expert Webinar Series

Keeping in line with our relationship theme, we launched a three-part webinar series dedicated to referrals in November. It was the first time we had packaged three separate webinars as an on-going series with just one registration page and used our entire technology stack to manage the process.

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4. Giving paid advertising a personal touch

When it came to our advertising efforts, all of our offers focused on content, like ebooks and case studies. While that’s helped us generate quality inbound inquiries, we wanted to convince people to skip the gated assets and jump right to the Contact Us/Request a Demo stage. We hoped that these leads would progress faster through the buying process. But to do it, we knew we needed to make our ads incredibly compelling. So what was the secret ingredient? Advocates.

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5. Our series B funding announcement, brought to you by advocacy

For Influitive’s Series B funding announcement, we wanted to go beyond traditional PR tactics (which typically focus on the company getting funded) and tell our story through the real “early” investors in advocate marketing: our customers.

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6. Turning Dreamforce into the ‘Wild West’

We wanted to see if we could use an account-based marketing strategy at one of the biggest technology conferences in the world—Dreamforce 2015—to capture the attention of the people and companies we really wanted to talk with. So, we launched a Wild West-inspired bounty hunting campaign to get other people to bring our top prospects to us!

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7. The Next Gen CMO

Despite the fact that Influitive markets to marketers, we had never created content specifically for the CMO persona before mid-2015. Our primary focus had been customer marketersthe users of our softwareand, well, marketers in general. As our company matured, however, we realized how critical CMOs were to the decision-making process and we had to start speaking to them directly. It was time to turn up the volume on our content for CMOs. Thus, The Next Gen CMO campaign was born.

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8. Our first conference, Advocamp, takes marketers down a new trail

We launched our first conference as a way to help us build an advocate marketing product category and spread one important idea: the future belongs to those companies that develop and mobilize advocates as their primary goal. To make the event special we know we needed shake up the normal conference format and delight our attendees. So we took our “camping” theme to a new level to make the event memorable. We called it Advocamp.  

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9. Crowdsourcing our Level Up Your Advocate Marketing Game eBook

We like to do something different with every piece of content we make. So when we were creating an ebook to help our customers use our product better, we decided to do two things. First, we wouldn’t write most of it ourselves; we would let our customers tell us their top tips. Second, we wouldn’t make it look like a typical ebook. And that’s how our Level Up Your Advocate Marketing Game ebook was born.

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10. Buying Is Scary

Here at Influitive, we love pushing our limits. So, we decided to see what we could accomplish as a team if we dropped everything and focused on launching a multi-touch campaign in less than 24 hours. We decided to focus our efforts on creating something that would address common sales objections and revive dead opportunities. With Halloween just around the corner, we chose to center our messaging around the theme “Buying is Scaryusing images from classic horror movies and posing the question “What scared you about advocate marketing?”.

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What have you learned from your 2015 marketing campaigns? Share your insights in our community discussion.

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