The Power Of Advocate Marketing In Social Technology Quarterly

In the latest issue of Kuliza’s Social Technology Quarterly (STQ), Ann Burgraff, the social technology firm’s Chief Marketing Officer, examines the power of advocate marketing.

Most brands have a huge untapped resource in the form of delighted customers. These are advocates, the tireless promoters that believe in your company, evangelize your products and share their positive experiences. No one sells your products better than they do. But are you tapping their potential?

Kuliza's Social Technology Quarterly featuring The Power of Advocate Marketing

Ann explains why smart marketers leverage advocates, and also covers the reasons why customers engage in advocacy and how marketers can best recognize advocates for their support (hint: it’s about reciprocity, not free stuff).

Advocates bring in more than just word of mouth. They will recommend your company and products because they have had a fantastic experience and want to help others. However, the key challenges for a brand trying to leverage advocates include recognising advocates, encouraging them to promote your brand, and sustaining this relationship.

The article also includes a case study about how Ektron embraced advocate marketing and used Influitive’s AdvocateHub to generate engagement in the web content management software company’s annual SYNERGY Customer Conference, resulting in 40+ customer-generated videos, dozens of hours of customer interviews, a 500% increase in award submissions and more.

Customers were highly involved. Many became stronger advocates and the conference was a huge success.

Read the full STQ article and case study embedded below:

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