“It’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new customer. What we’re trying to do is build out a group of engaged customers who are more loyal to IBM because of their additional relationship to IBM. This is what we’re after.”

In this 30-min fireside chat, Influitive’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dan Cote, sits down with IBM Security’s Content Strategist, Andy McCarl, to uncover how IBM takes engagement to new heights in their support community by leveraging Influitive.

Andy’s ingenuity and technical achievements netted IBM the 2020 BAMMIE Award for “Best Out of the Box Initiative”.

Key learnings & Insights: 

    • How IBM’s using Influitive’s API to integrate with Salesforce
    • Using points and rewards to incentivize engagement
    • How to nurture relationships within a support community
    • And much more…

This fireside chat illustrates one of the many ways leading brands, like IBM, are leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of Influitive’s engagement platform and its API integration.

The Speakers

Andy McCarlAndy McCarl
Content Strategist


Dan CoteDan Cote
Chief Marketing Officer


Aired: At the CMX Summit 2020 on October 6th, 2020