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What are Badges?

As an element of gamification, badges incentivize participation. They’re earned by meeting certain criteria or achieving certain goals, such as interacting with members of a company’s community, attending webinars and various other activities.

Why Are Badges Important?

Since badges are seen by other users —remember those badges on your Boy Scout or Girl Scout uniform? — they elicit a sense of pride. They improve engagement by recognizing advocates for their contributions and increasing their satisfaction. In addition, they leverage the competitive nature of your advocates. Most advocates are energized by the quest to collect the next badge. By timing badge achievements with advocate actions, such as achieving a specific activity level, advocate marketers can collect important information about engagement. Related Terms: Recognition, Challenges, SAPS Related Resources: Badges And Points Turn Passive Fans Into Super AdvocatesSimplify Badges, Levels To Increase Customer Engagement