Mark Organ

CEO and Founder

Mark Organ is the founder and CEO of Influitive, helping companies mobilize their advocates to produce massive increases in referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more.

Mark first revolutionized B2B marketing as the founding CEO of Eloqua (ELOQ), the world leader in marketing automation software, which was acquired by Oracle for $871M. In between, he was a go-to-market consultant for SaaS companies in North America and Asia.

Mark has also helped over a dozen software companies successfully go to market in asymmetrical or disruptive ways as a consultant and entrepreneur.

With an M.S. in Neuroscience from Northwestern University and a passion for understanding human psychology, Mark is a dynamic speaker with a unique vision centered not only in business success and technological innovation, but also how and why people think, act and interact the way they do.

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Public Speaking

Mark enjoys sharing his observations, regularly writing and speaking on entrepreneurship, marketing and advocacy. He has energized professional audiences at a number of recent events, including Dreamforce, REVTalks, DemandCon, Influence HR Summit, The Globe and Mail Small Business Summit, InsideSales Virtual Summit and many more.

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Advocamp 2017
Keynote - The Messenger is the Message

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Closing Keynote – Devotion Hacking: How to Engineer Advocacy, Evangelism, and Excitement

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Dreamforce Founders Forum
Creating A Billion Dollar SaaS Category: Zero To IPO Secrets From A Serial Entrepreneur

Mark’s Founders Forum session at Dreamforce 2013 was rated 4.8/5.0, one of the most popular at the conference.


Past speaking engagements

Sample Presentations

How To Create A Billion-Dollar Category: Secrets From A Serial Entrepreneur
Dreamforce 2013
The Advocacy-Centered Company: A Deeper Look at CAC and LTV
Bowery Capital CFO Summit

Supercharge Your Sales Process With Advocates
InsideSales Virtual Summit

Unleashing Disruptive Technologies to Grow Your HCM Software Business

Thought Leadership

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