Is your CS team struggling to prioritize their time between onboarding customers, nurturing them to be successful, and targeting them for the right upsell at the right time?

They’re not alone.

Rosetta Stone has been working with Influitive and Gainsight to crack the code on scaling their CS organization to support each customer along their unique journey.

Katie Raeburn, Customer Marketing Manager at Rosetta Stone, will be sharing her best practices and strategies on leveraging customer insights and technology to scale their CS efforts to improve customer onboarding, user adoption, and uncovering account growth opportunities.

Katie will be joined by Chris Newton (VP of Marketing & Business Development at Influitive), and Ruben Rabago (Chief Strategist for Pulse Programs at Gainsight).

Katie answers questions including:

  • Tell us about Rosetta Stone’s customer-powered vision for 2019.
  • What challenges have you experienced with building a customer-powered enterprise?
  • How does the team keep track of account health?

Check out the full conversation below!

Notable moments:

Katie Raeburn, Customer Marketing Manager at Rosetta Stone
Ruben Raba, CMO at Gainsight
Chris Newton, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Influitive


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