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How Hubspot Sparked A Movement Behind Their Brand (Just Like Beyonce)

Never mess with the Beyhive. That was the advice of angel investor, VC, and former CMO of Hubspot, Mike Volpe, who kicked off the recent Advocacy Advantage roadshow in Boston on September 19, 2016. His main goal: illustrate the sheer power of fanatic, loyal advocates. In the case of Beyonce, her dedicated fans (known as Continued

Spark A Movement Behind Your Brand By Turning Your Advocates Into A Tight-Knit Team

Working from home is luxurious. Who could say no to a 20 foot commute, the ability to instantly switch from one meeting to the next (no desperate sprints between conference rooms) and typing in comfort while your dog snores at your feet? I could. I could say no right now, and for one reason: lack Continued

4 Sales Funnel Stages Where Prospects Quickly Fall Out Of Love With You

There’s something comforting about the traditional sales funnel stages for B2B salespeople and marketers. You know that if you toss a certain number of leads in at the top, you can expect a (small) percentage of deals to shake out at the bottom. It’s just like lining up tons of online dates hoping to find ‘The One’.   Continued

22 Pro Hacks For Starting A Referral Program

Starting a successful referral program can be a challenge, but getting it right can make all the difference for your business. In his 2016 Advocamp AMP talk, Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing Inc., delivered a lightning-fast round-up of his best tips and tools launching a referral program that is a cut above the rest. 1. Scripts and practice. Continued

3 Sales Pipeline Management Hurdles You’ll Likely Face This Year—And How To Overcome Them

I’m not psychic, but I have a feeling that this year you’ve faced some struggles when it comes to managing your sales pipeline. Here’s why: • Lead gen programs aren’t performing as effectively or predictably as they used to be • Buyers are ignoring your marketing and sales reps in favor of doing independent research Continued

5 Lessons I Learned From Netflix’s Chef’s Table About Customer Advocacy

This post was originally published on Sept. 2nd, 2016 on Medium. I’m a big fan of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, and I’m really excited about its return for Season 3! I’ve learned so much from watching top chefs talk about their restaurants and the experience they try and emulate for their diners. Now running a restaurant Continued

How Namely Built A Passionate Community Of Advocates—And Saw Revenue Skyrocket

In the beginning of 2015, Namely, a HR, payroll, and benefits software company, had plenty of passionate customers…but no way to reach out to all of them. Amy Rosenberg, Namely’s Community Marketing Manager, had only a handful of customers to turn to when sales or other departments needed advocates for things like references or reviews. Continued

5 Questions You Probably Haven’t Asked At A Sales Pipeline Management Meeting (But Should)

The more B2B buying habits change, the more difficult sales pipeline management meetings get. Prospects now do most of their research for themselves. By the time they contact a sales rep, they may already be 90% done with their buyer’s journey. With prospects narrowing down vendors before they even enter your funnel, how can you Continued

Why High-Quality Relationships Precede High-Quality Referrals

You wouldn’t ask someone you just met to help you move…so why would you ask a customer you haven’t gotten to know for a referral? In his 2016 Advocamp AMP talk, Michael Beahm, Senior Marketing Manager at Blackbaud, explains how he achieved his aggressive referral goals by developing lasting relationships with his customer advocates first. Today I want Continued

3 Ways JDA Software Turbocharged Their Customer Reference Program With Advocate Marketing

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing… especially if it’s two customer reference programs. Just ask Mary Ketter, Manager of the Global Customer Marketing Team, and Johanna Larson, Customer Marketing Specialist, at JDA Software. JDA Software—a leading provider of supply chain, retail and omni-channel solutions—merged with a fellow supply chain software company, Continued