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Infographic: The State of Customer Marketing in 2017

In the hyper-competitive world of SaaS products, building relationships with your existing customers is just as important as acquiring new ones—if not more so, since your customers can easily jump from one product to the next if they aren’t satisfied. However, many B2B companies remain focused on aggressive sales tactics rather than creating a more Continued

Why Customer Marketing Needs To Reach Beyond References

Quick: what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “customer marketing”? According to Bo Bandy, former Director of Marketing at ReadyTalk and current Director of Strategic Marketing at Gogo Business Aviation, for many companies, the unfortunate answer is “references”. While she agrees that reference programs are an important component of Continued

What Does The Future Hold For Customer Marketing? Here’s 11 Predictions for 2017

There’s no denying that the importance of customer marketing is growing. The 2017 State of Customer Marketing Report indicates that over the next year, 93% of organizations expect that their customer marketing efforts will take on greater importance, and 62% will increase their staff or budgets in the customer marketing area. However, there isn’t a Continued

How Iron Mountain’s Customer Marketing Strategy Delivers 6-Figure Value

As more organizations realize the value of being a customer-centric organization, they’re beginning to formalize their customer marketing programs. The 2017 State of Customer Marketing report found that 93% of organizations expect their customer marketing efforts to take on greater importance over the next year, and 62% will increase their customer marketing staff and/or budget. Continued

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Crafting Compelling Customer Stories: The Theory Every Good Marketer Needs To Know

As marketers, we spend a significant amount of time, money, and brainpower to understand the customer journey. We create personas, maps, funnels, and more, all in an effort to understand the buying process and become better, more customer-centric marketing professionals. How we use the information once we have it is where the rubber meets the Continued

10 Types Of Dashboards Every Customer Marketer Should Have In Their CRM

According to the 2017 State of Customer Marketing Survey, only 61% of B2B organizations are satisfied with the results of their customer marketing efforts. If you dive into the report, you’ll see that’s because: 27% of organizations are not tracking any revenue generated from customer marketing activities The two most important measures of program success Continued

A Look Inside Our Most Ambitious B2B Marketing Campaigns Of 2016

January is the perfect time to review the past year’s ups and downs—both personally and professionally—to see how you can do better. To start 2017 off strong, we’re reviewing some of Influitive’s biggest B2B marketing campaigns from 2016 to see what went well and what we could improve on. (If you’re curious about previous years, Continued

Together, Customer Success Teams And Customer Marketing Can Create A Better Customer Experience

How would you rate the customer experience at your organization? Better yet, how would your customers rate their experience with you? If you’re feeling stressed by those questions, you’re not alone. Most B2B organizations have yet to fully map out the customer experience. However, this is a task that customer success shouldn’t be expected to Continued

Report: 2017 State of Customer Marketing
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Quiz: Are You The Kanye West Of Content Marketing?

We all know Kanye West thinks Kanye West is pretty awesome. (Need proof? Check out his self-aggrandizing Twitter feed.) Sometimes, B2B brands can be self-absorbed, too. Often, their content is all about their product, their brand or their ideas. Take the short assessment below to figure out where your content marketing falls on our celebrity-based Continued

The Ultimate Customer Marketing Dream Team

Heather Watkins knows a few things about customer marketing. As the Director of Marketing Programs at Optimizely, and former Director of Customer Marketing at Marketo, she’s experienced some impressive successes in the field. While at Marketo, her team increased community participation by 130% over 12 months; increased the number of actively participating community users each Continued