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Forrester Reveals New Way B2B CMOs Can Scale Company-wide Customer Obsession

CMOs know they need to get a handle on the customer experience—and fast. Without long-term engagement strategies that deliver the right content at the right moment to increase customer loyalty and delight, brands lose valuable customers and the chance to leverage positive customer sentiment to attract new buyers. But where do you start? How do Continued

10 Things Marketers Don’t Know About Their Advocates—But Should

When setting up an advocacy program, new practitioners often confuse knowing basic information about their advocates (like birthday, age, industry) with having enough knowledge to build a powerful advocacy program. For example, most marketers know an advocate’s job title, but not exactly what they do in their role. They also don’t know what their advocates’ Continued

Why An Advocate Community Will Help You Achieve Your Alumni Relations Goals

Your alumni aren’t answering your emails. Your alumni aren’t motivated to participate in events after your dial campaign. Your alumni are looking to connect with each other—but they use private social networks to broker those relationships, not your institution. Sound familiar? Many Alumni Relations and Advancement leaders are struggling to harness the affinity that alumni Continued

The Future Of Sales Is Advocacy

The world of sales has changed: sales leaders must create and invest in advocates or risk losing opportunities “Who HATES IT when another human being calls them on the phone?” This was the simple but powerful question the perennial straight shooting (and occasional f-bomb dropping) Gary Vaynerchuk asked a New York City audience of 1500 Continued

2 Powerful But Underrated Skills B2B Marketers Often Forget To Use

You probably don’t think these advocate marketing skills affect your team’s success, but they do. Only 9% of marketers can confidently say their digital marketing is effective. One reason for this is prospects ignore most of the content they see. After all, they’ve seen nearly every trick in the content marketing playbook, and they’re exhausted. Continued

The Perfect Introduction Letter To Customer Advocacy For Your Marketing Team

Want to help your marketing team understand why you need an advocate marketing program ASAP? We’ve created a handy fill-in-the-blank letter template that will get them onboard fast. Just answer a few questions and this baby will generate a customized note that explains exactly why your sales pipeline needs advocates. It also includes some inspiring advocate marketing success stories, and outlines the next Continued

How Advocate Marketing Became The Most Popular Team At Staples

They told her, “It will never work.” They said, “We’re selling office products. It’s not rocket science. Why do we need advocates?” But, as Mary-Leslie Davis explained at an Advocacy Advantage roadshow event in Boston, she decided to carry on. In her role as Director of Field Marketing and Customer Engagement at Staples Business Advantage, Continued

3 Social Influence Secrets Sales And Marketing Teams Should Know

No one likes to think they’re being influenced by others when they buy something or make a career choice. We’re all individuals with independent thoughts, right? The truth is that you are swayed by your environment (the things you see and hear), and the people in your life (friends, family, peers—even strangers on the subway) Continued

6 B2B Sales Leaders Share Strategies For Engaging Your Prospects—Especially When They’re Trying To Avoid You

It’s getting tougher to be in B2B sales. Buyers are avoiding your calls, deleting your emails and crossing the street when they see you coming. The reason? They just want to be left alone. Gartner has predicted that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their interactions with companies without dealing with a human. The Continued

How HubSpot Sparked A Movement Behind Their Brand (Just Like Beyonce)

Never mess with the Beyhive. That was the advice of angel investor, VC, and former CMO of HubSpot, Mike Volpe, who kicked off the recent Advocacy Advantage roadshow in Boston on September 19, 2016. His main goal: illustrate the sheer power of fanatic, loyal advocates. In the case of Beyonce, her dedicated fans (known as Continued