Results reinforce analyst recommendations that advocate marketing should be a top priority for any B2B business.

Toronto, ON – July 15, 2014 – Advocate marketing experts Influitive revealed today that the company’s AdvocateHub software has contributed to more than $3M in the sales pipeline to date for their customer DocuSign. Halfway through what Gartner called the year of advocate marketing, DocuSign’s success only further highlights the growing need for tech marketers to develop marketing programs that hold advocacy, word of mouth marketing, and peer to peer referrals paramount.

DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™, launched AdvocatesHQ in December 2012. An advocate marketing program for customers and partners, AdvocatesHQ increases social media engagement, generates more customer reviews on third-party websites, and captures referrals. Today, DocuSign’s marketing team now has more than 1,000 advocates helping them achieve their goals.

DocuSign Announces That Advocate Marketing Program Influenced Over $3M In Sales Pipeline

“Our job as marketers is to acquire, keep and grow customers – Influitive’s AdvocateHub helps with all three,” said DocuSign VP of Demand Generation, Meagen Eisenberg.

“Our job as marketers is to acquire, keep and grow customers – Influitive’s AdvocateHub helps with all three,” said DocuSign VP of Demand Generation, Meagen Eisenberg.

“The advocate marketing software has been crucial for building better engagement with customers and generating leads that turn into business. It’s also fun and easy for our customers to participate.”

AdvocateHQ is now a critical part of the marketing technology stack at DocuSign. Initially deployed to increase engagement, after less than six months, DocuSign marketers discovered that it was in fact a powerful engine for driving revenue and accelerating the sales pipeline.

“Advocate marketing is increasingly becoming a key contributor to customer acquisition, growth and retention,” explained Influitive Founder and CEO, Mark Organ.

“One customer referral might pay for the entire advocate marketing program for a year, so savvy marketing leaders like Meagen Eisenberg at DocuSign tend to see returns on their investment in this area very quickly.”

Beyond the boost in customer advocacy (more than 2,000 acts of advocacy to date) and engagement, since the launch of AdvocatesHQ, DocuSign’s advocates have contributed to more than 64 customer testimonials, 87 referrals, 164 product reviews, and more than 400 social activities.

As Eisenberg shared, “Advocate marketing is more than just customer engagement: it’s customer acceleration.”

docusigncasev8Top industry analysts would agree with Eisenberg. Gartner revealed this year that 60% of buyers say their number one source for understanding the differentiation of a technology provider was peers of the same size in their industry. “I strongly believe that Advocacy Marketing should be at the top of the priority list in terms of marketing investment,” said Hank Barnes, research director at Gartner. “Customers trust peers more than they trust you. And we have data to back this up.”

To learn more how DocuSign’s advocate marketing program generated $3 million in sales pipeline, download Influitive’s DocuSign case study now.

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