As B2B marketers struggle to reach buyers that are increasingly distrustful of traditional marketing and advertising, Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, is releasing the first-ever comprehensive guide to advocate marketing. Created by sales and marketing consulting and advisory firm TOPO, The Advocate Marketing Playbook helps senior marketers leverage the enthusiasm of their company’s biggest fans to attract new customers and grow revenue.

Toronto, Ontario – September 26, 2013 — Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, today announced the release of The Advocate Marketing Playbook, a comprehensive guide that helps marketers create powerful advocate marketing programs. Created by sales and marketing consulting and advisory firm TOPO, The Advocate Marketing Playbook is a blueprint for building a successful advocate marketing program that attracts new customers and helps grow revenue. The playbook is available as a free download at

“Increasingly, B2B buyers are turning to their peers for information when making important purchasing decisions for their organizations,” said Craig Rosenberg, co-founder and partner of TOPO. “As a result, there is a sea change taking place in marketing departments across all industries as they attempt to create new strategies to appeal to this new type of buyer.”

A growing collection of research in recent years demonstrates that the majority of decision-makers are relying on word of mouth, online reviews and social media conversations to research the best vendors to meet their needs. Advocate marketing programs allow B2B marketers to facilitate more of those interactions, including referrals, product reviews and social media updates, between customers and prospects.

“For years, B2B marketers have been trying to engineer word of mouth marketing campaigns that tap into our innate desire to promote and recommend products and companies we love,” explains Jim Williams, VP of Marketing at Influitive. “But until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive resource that details how to put advocate marketing into action and make it sustainable for the long run.”

The Advocate Marketing Playbook covers every aspect of an advocate marketing program, from who should manage it, to how to recruit advocates and create engaging campaigns, to how to measure and analyze the results.

“Advocate marketing is a key element of our marketing strategy and so we’ve invested in a program that produces fantastic results,” said Influitive customer Jeffrey Linton, Senior Manager, Customer and Field Marketing at Act-On Software. “But starting from scratch is never easy. With case studies, best practices and helpful worksheets, The Advocate Marketing Playbook is the perfect resource for a marketer that wants build a program that tap into fan enthusiasm and delivers meaningful results.”

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Influitive, based in Toronto and San Francisco, is changing the face of B2B marketing through its innovative AdvocateHub platform and Maven mobile app for advocate marketing. Today’s buyers are leveraging knowledgeable peers at roughly twice the rate than they did even four years ago. Influitive helps marketers capture the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers and evangelists, turning that into direct support through all stages of the buying cycle, from social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references. Influitive’s customers include some of most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software and technology firms in the world. To learn how to get your advocates working with you, please visit

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