3 Steps To Driving Engagement For Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

bammies_social_voting_phone_smart_15Compelling customers and employees to participate in your digital marketing campaign is tough. How can marketers keep it fun, easy and beneficial for their audience while making sure the campaign doesn’t fall off the radar (or end up in the spam folder)?

Last year, we asked advocate marketers to drive their employees, partners, and top customers to vote for them to win the title of the 2013 Marketing Program of the Year—the top prize in the Best Advocate Marketing Awards, also known as The BAMMIES.

After a week of public voting, Bomgar, a top remote support solutions provider, won the prize by mobilizing their supporters through their advocate marketing program, the Bomgar Insiders.

Sophie Brown, Customer Marketing Manager at Bomgar, breaks down how they powered their voting campaign, and sustained their advocate’s enthusiasm all year long.

Step 1. Lay the foundation

Sophie and her team had quickly built the foundation for customer advocacy in the few short months that lead up to the voting period. In October 2013, they started a pilot advocate marketing program, called the Bomgar Insiders, with 100 of their best customers. “The plan was to do that for three months and get customer feedback, but it took off so quickly we decided to open the floodgates,” says Sophie.

Next, they invited more customers to the program through their newsletter and Salesforce database. Once members joined, they were challenged to invite coworkers to the program. By December 2013, the program had 700 advocates.

Inside the program advocates could participate in a number of challenges, and receive rewards or recognition for completing tasks like writing testimonials, giving product feedback, sharing Bomgar news on social media or contributing to content creation. As a result, the program generated:

  • Over 100 new referrals and testimonials
  • Increased community, blog, and social media followers
  • 90 new customers willing to be references

Step 2. Get creative with your asks

Bomgar published a different challenge every day during the voting period to remind their advocates to vote. Some challenges specifically targeted mobile users or employees to increase engagement. “We also challenged them to share the link amongst peers and coworkers so we could get extra votes,” says Sophie. Finding unique ways to ask for the same thing will remind your advocates’ interest and remind them to take action.


Most importantly, Sophie says advocates were made to feel like they had helped build the program. “They felt a sense of ownership over the Bomgar Insiders.” Their advocates’ personal pride in the program is what really drove them to vote.

After they won the award, Bomgar gifted their advocates with bonus “thank you” points for participating.

Step 3. Get advocates hooked

“Be relevant, topical and fresh,” says Sophie on keeping advocates engaged in your program after a campaign ends. Try tapping into the seasons, holidays or news to make your program up-to-date. Sophie also tries to balance fun challenges with more complex ones so advocates have options. “It helps to keep them plugged in and engaged.”

Content isn’t the only thing that should be updated frequently. “We change our rewards every month,” says Sophie. This incentivizes advocates to act within a certain time frame to receive specific rewards.

To avoid slumps in the summer or over holidays, the team personalizes challenges and targets smaller, specific groups of advocates to increase participation and engagement.

Sophie says running Bomgar Insiders made the team realize how many untapped advocates the brand had. “We felt like we knew our go-to customers who were willing to help us. What we realized after we launched was there were hundreds of other people willing to speak on our behalf.” If you make all of your advocates feel important and valued, you’ll always have help promoting your next campaign.

The Bomgar Insiders program was only live for three months when it took home the Best Advocate Marketing Program of the Year Award. Sophie says the early win solidified internal buy-in for their program. “It got people excited and gave the marketing team exposure.”

bammiesVoting for this year’s BAMMIES starts today! Check out the nominees and pick your favorite before March 17, 2015 at 5pm EST. The Best Advocate Marketing Awards (A.K.A. The BAMMIES), recognize B2B companies that are taking the future by force and mobilizing advocates through marketing that is smart, engaging, intuitive, powerful and effective.


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