How To Get An Awesome Customer Reference Program and Make It So Much More: Ceridian’s Story

Sales references are very much like Sour Patch Kids. You know they are going to be sweet because references are close to the last checkpoint in the sales process.

One of our favourite commercials:

But you have to go through the sour part, which in this case is correctly matching a customer to a prospect for the reference chat. Not only are there specific criteria to be matched, you may be working against time to arrange a call so the hot opportunity doesn’t cool down.

Additionally, things go by so fast you may forget to recognize the all star customers who gave you the all star references.

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So how do you skip the sour and get to the sweetness while recognizing your customers?

Here’s what happened with Carlos

Carlos Gonzalez is a Director of Customer Success at Ceridian, a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution with more than 100,000 clients in over 50 countries. From payroll to employee education, if you have a human resources department, most likely you will be using one of Ceridian’s products.

We spent some time chatting with Carlos and he brought up his cutting edge reference advocate program.

To sum it up, Carlos and Ceridian’s reference program:

  • Engaged over 1600 of their most enthusiastic customers
  • Generated over 260 high quality sales references in a few months
  • Created over 35 new shining testimonial videos
  • Over 20 case studies and testimonials were enthusiastically volunteered
Here’s how Carlos did it:

Carlos and his team knew that their customers were big Ceridian fans. He just needed to find a way to channel their enthusiasm and present mutually rewarding opportunities for them to quickly network with their prospects and be recognized.

So Carlos invited his best customers into Ceridian’s exclusive advocate program, called Ceridian XOXO.

Ceridian XOXO allowed their advocates to not only streamline the networking opportunities with Ceridian’s prospects, but also allow them to easily volunteer for case studies and testimonial videos. Additionally, advocates were instantly recognized by Ceridian’s upper management in a very easy and convenient method. It’s a win-win-win for all parties!

To see exactly how Carlos and the Ceridian team did this, take a look at their case study here.

Carlos, the results you and your team have shared with us are magnificent! Congratulations to you and the rest of the Ceridian team. We’re already looking forward to hearing more great things.

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