Making the most of your rock-star customers at Dreamforce

Julie Persofsky

You’ve probably been there.  I know I have.

You’re working your booth at a tradeshow – maybe even Dreamforce ’11 – and you’re having a great conversation with a prospect.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see one of your best customers come by the booth.  But like you, the rest of your team is tied up in other conversations.

Your customers are your most valuable assets in general, and especially at Dreamforce.  Have you thought about how they can help with lead gen at the show?

Priority number one: make your customers feel like VIPs.  While new leads are important, your customers are the ones paying you month after month. Treat them that way.

Priority number two: harness your greatest assets.  You may have an army of employees representing your company at Dreamforce, but your army of advocates is much, much bigger.  Why not leverage them when they are at your booth? They are your most authentic resource.  Prospects would most certainly rather hear about how they are using your product directly.

The result?  Instead of relying on just your employees to make an impact at Dreamforce, you can magnify that by including your customers.

This year at Dreamforce, our customers are embracing their advocates, and even having an advocate area of their booth.  Eloqua is encouraging their advocates to come by their booth and even talk to prospects (#911 in the Cloud Expo).

Advocate marketing

Here at Influitive, we’re pioneering Advocate Marketing.  It’s about more than just showing customers love.  Come by our booth #348 in the Cloud Expo and let’s talk about how advocate marketing would work for you. Also, see for yourself, join our Advocate program set up just for Dreamforce – – you could win $1000 to the charity of your choice.

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